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"The Analog Devices ADuC812 is an 8051 based controller with 8-channel true 12-bit adc, Dual 12-bit DAC's, On-chip DMA controller, 32 I/O lines, 3 Timers/Counters, WDT, SPI, uart, 9 Interrupts Sources/2 Priority Levels, 8K Flash EEPROM Program Memory, 640 Bytes Data Flash EEPROM, 256 Bytes On-chip RAM, RAM banking up to 16M Bytes external address s
fuzzy dont bother yourself with usb - for 1 Ksamples per sec, take a 1 dolar micro with adc and analog multiplexor on input, digitaise all 3 channels serially and send them samples multiplexed via serial COM port to PC. Even atmel's 75 cent chip can do that has a 10 bit adc. For this chip you can use one way software uart towards PC . You (...)
Hi I have been trying to make my microcontroller to send data to hyperterminal but nothing happened. Im not 100 percent entirely sure if my code cause the problem. So can you please kindly check my code for any errors? Cheer MavericK Max // header files #include "main.h" #include "port.h" #include "delay_loop.h" int resul
First you will have to study PIC's datasheet and PIC family reference manual. Then, search application notes, webseminars and design guides sections to find suitable documents. Microchip has the best structured documentation and huge collection. You have to study adc, Timers, interrupts, uart etc. in oredr to complete your project. Regards.
I need to have with 8K internal flash, 4 adc channel, I2C bus , 2 uart What chip should I use?
i'd use the dspic, it already has a 12-bit adc muxed to 8 channels. write a routine that sends a two byte code to signal the start of a frame, then send the 16-bit channel + data info you described. let the uart take care of all the framing, etc - much easier than trying to glue-logic a discrete uart to a parallel out adc. (...)
I don't get it: the module has a physical layer implemented and a uart/USB digital interface. Why do you need the adc?
Please give more details: What is the speed of your adc?, or what is your adc number. I think a good way is use a microcontroller with adc incorporated (like PIC16F877A or PIC16F628A), the you can use the uart from the uC to communicate with your PC, and also can buffer many samples before sending it to PC.
Hi all. Here is my small collections of C example source code. It's for the @tmel's AVR series. - EXcode_AVR for adc, LCD driver, uart, interrupts etc. - EXcode_LCD for 16x2 LCD driver for STK-200. - EXcode_STK for the STK200, including drivers for LCD, ADXL202 dual axis accelerometer, uart, buttons, (...)