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hello friend, i was used an ic atemag32,in it i programmed and it work well for adc,uart,ext interrupt,timer all...but some days before i bought 3 new atmega32 ics,i placed it in my old board and burned the same old working program, but the adc is not working in new 3 ics...i am using avr studio complier.then i compired (...)
I want to send real-time data(adc) to my PC with AT90USB646. I've used Codevision Wizard but it failed some times.anyOne can help me with the coding? and I used LabView to get results and that was terrible if you can suggest a better softwer ill appreciate it, regards
Hi, There are example codes in the avr datasheet and a huge ammount of threads in the forum and the internet. If you need something special, then you need to specify it. Asking for fast help, but giving no details is resulting in no answers.. Klaus I need something like this but it has to send serial data
write the adc value to the uart transmit register.
Hi friend... I am interfacing (in simulator) AD1674 which is a 12 bit adc with ATmega32. I have made the connection as in the attachment. in the output of the adc the data is changing, but when i am sending this through serial port, i am getting output as in the screenshot... it is giving output like this ascii 4080 " ≡≡≡Ͱ
how to put uart and adc register in watch window in avr studio 4?
Set the avr’s uart for, say 9600, 8-bit, no-parity, 1-stop .. At the PC end, open Hyperterminal and set for the same as above .. Can I assume that you don’t have any issues with the hardware connection .. The link below shows how to use the AD
Hi all. Here is my small collections of C example source code. It's for the @tmel's avr series. - EXcode_avr for adc, LCD driver, uart, interrupts etc. - EXcode_LCD for 16x2 LCD driver for STK-200. - EXcode_STK for the STK200, including drivers for LCD, ADXL202 dual axis accelerometer, (...)