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Hello, I need to monitor analog panel meters from a generator panel such as voltmeter and current meter (ammeter) that will be interfaced into uP. The voltage range is typically 0-250VAC and the current to be measured is within 5-600A range. But the problem is I only have an adc chip that accepts input voltage and current within 0-5V and 0-4
you have to divide this into different sections in order to identify the problem. Basically, it can be split into 1. Hardware 2. Software and further H/W can be split into 1. LM35 2. adc 3. Microcontroller As a first step, take the Hardware section. 1. LM35 Observe the output pin of LM35 with a voltmeter or oscilloscope.
Hello. I need some advice. I'm building a custom nimh battery charger and i'm doing the adc routines to detect the peak voltage of the nimh cell (independent cell charger). The problem is that the readings are not stable/accurate. I have tried Vref+ 1.800v but the reading are 20mv off, then with 4.5v i get the correct value sometimes, but it's n
Dear ajeesh You can try some sort of adc (analog to Digital Coder) circuits and then use digital display (even 7-segment with its decoder) or any sort of it. But the main issue is to convert the incoming AC into a certain form which can be translated to a signal that is proportional to the input AC amplitude. Thanks & BR
it sounds like a cop-out, but the book from Babani on PIC circuits has a good circuit for an easy PIC voltmeter. You can easily drive 7seg LEDs from PICs. so i would get a PIC with an adc in it and just use reduce the number of lines...connect the inputs to the 7segs to the same PIC ports and separately activate each 7seg (like mul
You can use PIC18f1320. it have 18pin. for display you can go with LCD display at 4 bit mode. this accomplish only 7 pin. . If you go for 7 segment it require 12pins Display purpose. also it have some complicated in program for float value. you can measure voltage adc pin then display the value at display. if you want more details means pls ask.
range:0-5V i have to design a volmeter until 8th of january using 89C52,adc0804 and a 1602 LCD display.i dont have enough knowledge.Could i find circuit and its assembly code or can someone help me pls?
have u seen data sheet for pic16f628. i cant see any adc. '****************************************************************************** ' microcontroller P16F877A ' ' Project adc_on_Leds ' This project is designed to work with PIC 16F877A ' with minor adjustments, it should work with any other PIC MCU ' that has adc module. ' ' (...)
i just wana ask if there are any limitations in electric current being inputted in the adc module of the pic16f877? i am presently working on a project using the adc module and i have configured it as a 4 7-segment digit voltmeter in the mean time to test it. when i input 5v from the pic supply itself using a potentiometer to vary the (...)
If you can, connect 5V from voltage regulator (through 1-10kΩ resistor) directly to the adc pin and check if the display is stable .. Next, you can do two things around the peak detector: - increase the value of the cap from 0.47?F to, say, 2.2-4.7?F (tantalum), - add R-C filter between the output of the peak detector and adc (try ≈
Just need an adc. For an FPGA-only (no external analog to digital converter), with minimal external component, see Xilinx app note XAPP155
What is the voltage range for the digital voltmeter? How many bits adc do you want?
Look mout for the Mikroconverter - a combination of a high resolution adc and a simple ?C (8052). Analog Device has good devices --> lADuC841 ord 814. So you have only one chip!
You can also use the Game Port of the sound card, not accurate, but a readily available adc with two channels :) You have to convert the voltage into current for game port, search the web and you will find a lot of interfacing examples. PS: It will not be interrupt driven, you have to poll.
hello i want to know how to get the image of an AC line to be fed into a microcontroler or adc. What should i use ....op amp ,filters....???? and for a DC line is the Resitor divider the only way???
If you use a 16F87x , you don't need to se an external adc, just aply the 24V dc to a resistor divider, for instance use 1k and 4k in series, you'll get 5V at PIC adc input, from a 25V input, the rest is just code.
This is usually done with a resistive voltage divider. For not loading down the node being measured the two resistors should be large values. This produces a problem if the Thevenin output impedance of the divider is large and makes a voltage divider effect with the adc input impedance. You have to make a judgement between the two sources of err
1. Serial interfacing LCD with Pic Microcontroller 2. Software SPI interfacing adc with Pic16F84/Pic16F628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. Stepper motor controller