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I see some trim coefficients C0, C1, .... in an accelerometer DSP which compensate the offset and sensitivity as well as temperature offset and sensitivity. The trim algorithm is something like calibrated acceleration = C0*Araw + C1*Araw^2 + .... + Cx*T + ... where Araw is the raw acceleration value and T is the temperature value. The de
I'm designing a voltmeter and current measurement system that forms part of a electronic load. Lets tackle the volt meter first. I'm using a 16-BIT adc (AD7708) and want to measure the following voltages see below, the adc is pretty neat for DC applications and is used in the BK8500 instrument. Here us what I want to achieve. 0.1V (...)
Hi! Could somebody tell me what mistakes I may have made in the layout (and possibly reasoning/understanding, especially of the OpAmp) for this circuit please? I've omitted external components for both ICs which would clutter the schematic and are not an issue. The 0.01 Ohm resistor and trimpot are just an idea (maybe a bad one?) which may not
Hi. I have just joined this forum looks like a great place. I have just made this Volt ammeter with the 16F877A. I am came across the post about adc Value Fluctuating in PIC voltmeter and Ammeter LCD PIC16F877A which I have the same problem. From what i have been reading it's been solved. I'm just not to sure what "There was wiri
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help.
what is the code(c program file for creating hex file) for the digital voltmeter using 8051. here are the major components we have used, 1.adc0804 2.AT89S52 3.LCD(16X2) 8 bit output from adc and range of vin is 0-5v(where vref/2 left unconnected)
Please let me know that I want to measure 220V-AC.How to interface AD636 to my Atmega16 based voltmeter adc channel. Please refer me link or circuit or explanation.
Hi I'm using a tc 7107 adc to display output oa dc power supplyusing #4 7seg. displays. When i set the ref. Voltage to give me accurate reading on low voltage the higher voltages are not accurate and vice versa. anybody see this. thanks
Dear Friends, I am working on PIC16F877 project. I am using adc and taking the signal from sensor and giving it to analog pin. I am preparing the circuit in which I am considering the four point given below. 1. When sensor is short, at that time I am getting 0mV and I can declare that Sensor is fail in program. 2. When sensor is open, at
Hi Guyz, i am not understanding why my voltage on lcd is not constant..they are fluctuating within 0.7V range..when i measure e.g, 9V battery voltage,it shows 8.3 and then 9V and again and again...the same case with ammeter but now the range is 0.3A....There is also a problem with the voltmeter that when my terminals are floating,it shows 2.8V but
Dear Sir, I have used adc in PIC16F877 with hi-tech C compiler. I am measuring pressure in field through pressure transmitter giving 0-100mV. I am getting constant mV from pressure transmitter but when I am giving it to my controller, its fluctuate lots. My adc resolution is 4.88 mV (analog input range 0-5V). How can I solve my problem???
Here are some ideas on controlling/optimizing the range: A simple thing to do would be to have multiple voltage references for your microcontroller adc and switch to a lower voltage reference for better accuracy/resolution at lower input voltages. So, the idea could be to start with VREF = 5V for example. Then read the voltage. If it's low for 5
Because the circuit uses the 5V as the reference for the adc, it is sensitive to any noise on the 5v rail. Try connecting a 1000uF capacitor across the supply, does it improve it? I assume that you are using a ripple free well regulated 5V supply.
hello, Add 1or 2 normal diode as 1N4118 or other in serial with your zener to increase voltage limit on adc input. 4,2+0.6+0.6-> 5,4V
hello, If you want to do progress split the problems. Is your Mikroc an official versus (not cra..ed) or limited versus 2Kmax ? is it adc problems or display problems. Try to put a constant into your code v=512; // middle scale of voltage i=256; // a quota of the scale for Amps and see what result you get on LCD. if OK , check adc part use
Hello there,can some body help me to know where the error is I am design a 0-30V digital voltmeter but I am always getting 0V on the seven segment display. Here are the code and the proteus circuit. #include "16f876a.h" #DEVICE adc=10 #fuses XT,NOWDT,NOLVP,NODEBUG,NOCPD #use delay(clock=4M) #include #use standard_io(A) #u
hi, im new to programming.. but managed to do this...below.. i want to measure the actual voltage that is being measured..but everytime i tried its not displaying anything... after some editing i managed to display the adc value that is being read by the pic16f887... can anyone help me on how to display the 0-5vdc that is measured?? in the v
Have a look at this link But this is not with mikroC, you will get basic idea how adc works this shows basic example of voltmeter using adc0804 and AT89C51
Hi, I am trying to make a precise voltmeter(upto 1mV) using a 16bit adc [ ADS7825 : and a pic micro. Which I will calibrate with an bench multimeter in my lab. I have interfaced the adc in parallel mode. And I am getting the output almost as desired.. I have made the circuit on the breadboard, an
Pic mcu has an inbuilt adc that can be used as a voltmeter! I advise you use that POC for your work! If u are still having diffculties, let me know the language you program pic with, so I can try develop a code 4 u! But you should try it yourself with the aid of datasheet. Its pretty simple