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Hi All, Which type of filler cells should add in soc encounter,I have fill 1,2,4,8,16,32,64 sized and for well tap and end cap also the same values. Which size should i add ?? also while adding end cap cells,it is asking for precap cell and postcap cells ?? What i shud specify among the cells differently ?? (same fill (...)
Hi all, If I add the metal filler in the region of core whether the metal filler are added on the top of macros(e.g. sram or other analog circuits). I have asked my friend, he said the metal filler would be added all over the region. But it was added all the region (...)
Hi All, I plan to do a fabrication in a digital design technology for the first time( I have only experience in analog before). When I am done with my design in encounter and attempt to import my design in virtuoso to do the claibre DRC check, I get so many errors on the NW and BP spacing. 114919 114922[
As from the definition of ESD you can understand that uncontrollable current flows between source and drain which only stops when transistor breakdown happens . So that means ESD can destroy your whole chip. This ESD is also known as Latchup. so to overcome this we add filler cells which make the n-well continuous this means we get a continuous
The power pad ring should be made by the pad and the filler pad inside the row pad and also corner elements. Normally no special route should be added by the designer.
Hi All, I would like to add my points here. Spare Cell : ( Placed before the Placement to avail the uniform distribution) These cells will be used if any Timing/Functional ECO has to be performed after the Tape-out. Generally these cells will be a bunch of universal gates and placed uniformly all over the chip. Lets say your chip is
can anyone please tell me that : What exactly is the benefit of adding the end-cap cells at the end of cell rows???
Hi Guys. why do we need to add filler cells first before Routing ? Thanks!
but infact, in many process, the filler will be add in, it may also go through the device. if i don't use first metal, but use metal 2ed above, is it better
In our stdcell library, most often we satisfy diffusion density rules by first filling with decap cells. Otherwise, I have also seen filler cells that contain tied off "spare" transistors. Both these types of cells add to the leakage current, which is something we want to control. Has anyone had experience using a filler cell that (...)
Hi, when I add iofillers ,using the geometry check in soc encounter, there are some short errors in 1.8v VDD pad and VSS pad. and the error show that there are short between this pads and adjacent filler cells, I checked in the Virtuoso and find nothing unnormal, So why ? please help me,thanks!
When is the good timing to add the core / pad filler, after routing or before routing?
filler cell is used to maintain the Nwell continuity in the standard cell so if u add filler cells before routing it provides decoupling capacitance and if u add after routing the tool will check for the DRC.... It is basically to maintain the continuity and to fill the gaps in the rows of the standard cell... Hope it is (...)
Depend on how u connect it. If only add one layer and no connection to it, I think no effect.
5. SDC obtained after systhesis must give u prorper idea abt clocks in design 8. since filler doesnt affect timing, there is no need to add them in earlier stages of routing. 9. Most of P&R tools look only at the metal layer present in std cells,they are not much botherd about (OD, active or diffusion layer). with only metal info visible it may
HI, I have been implementing a design with Astro.After CTS my design meets timing and I tried to add filler cells before routing the design.But once filler cells are added the utilization goes to mode than 100% resulting in an there any command to stop adding filler cells after a certain (...)
add I/O filler cells, encounter> addIofiller -cell filler cell_name> -prefix pfill
Normally pad ring does not need special instructions to connection. When you add pad filler cells, they are connectec automatically.
filler Cell are empty Cells with only Power and Ground Rails. After Place and Route there will be enpty areas left in the row and hence the power will not reach all the cells due this discontinuity. After adding filler cells this discontinuity will go away. Also few people make use of filler cell for increasing the metal (...)