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I have PCB see picture. NetC73_2 and NetC88_2 is high power sinus Vpp 50V 10MHz NetC89_1 and NetC38_1 is feedpack for driving amplifier with signal level hundred times smaller 500mV 10MHz sinus too, but not necessarily synchronous with high power. My question is How much interference arises on the yellow line between them? NetC38_1 is 0,
Hi, I have used mentor graphics pads logic and layout and have very good experience. On mentor graphics layout if i need to add a stitching via for a ground copper pour i simply set the via settings under tool via option and on the layout i select the ground copper left click and select via stitching (...)
Consider broadcasting two different signals on different frequencies. One is strong, the other weak. The weak signal is only detected at less than 1 foot distance. Also consider ultrasonic ranging between the ball and wand. (a) The ball sends out 'tick' sounds. (b) The wand hears it and sends back its own tick sound. (c) The ball waits until it
Hello, How do synthesis tools try to meet hold time requirements ? Is it done via placement only - or will they add combinatoric delay elements in the way of problematic paths ?
you should make a cylinder that is equl to the distance between the ground and patch in length.subtract the cylinder from the patch, ground and substrate. Then you should make an object from surface . In this way you will have a surface hollow cylinder. Use thicken sheet to add thickness to the metallic via. Regards
For shorting posts, is it necessary to assign any lumped inductance values? No, unless you want to add on to the natural inductance of the via.
I use dspic33fj128gp802 and MPU6050 for my project. Microcontroller succesfully takes the data from sensors 6 channel and sends the data pc via UART. When i want to add "float 2.0" or "int 2" to accelerometer data for calibration it stops to send data to uart. I've tried all of data type combinations but it always fails. I only add one line (...)
Hi, I need to add VDD pins(pin layer: NWELL PIN) to NWELL islands in a gds via Calibredrv Need to: --- Select layer(to which pins will be added) --- Get coordinates of all the islands on that layer --- add Pins on all the islands at some coordinate(say lowerleft+pinwidth) --- Save in a new GDS If anybody had (...)
In general, yes. Any additional process step adds a cost, but based on my experience, the primary cost driver is the number of lamination steps. If you can keep your PCB to a single lamination step, that would be ideal cost wise. If you have to use buried vias, it would be best if those buried vias occur across a single (...)
Hi I have a MCU with multiple audio peripheral interconnects that is interfaced via I2S. The MCU is the I2S Master generating the FS and CLK signals to all peripherals. Now i would like to add another audio peripheral, however it only supports 2-slot TDM (short sync pulse). Since I am stuck with the MCU I2S interface, i would like to build so
Hi guyz, I've programmed a bootloader for STM32f103rbt6 and runs my application at address 0x8009000 bootloader jumps to app address and works fine. but when I add RCC_Init() and initialize MicroSd memory in my bootloader project, the bootloader can not jump to 0x8009000 note that Initializing MicroSd send some commands (...)
Haii all I am facing with a problem I designed a circuit in Proteus ISIS and PCB of the same in Proteus ARES, via manual routing, but still I want to place a small track (that not present in ISIS schematic ) between two pins of an IC, and Proteus not allowing for that. How can I add it, what will be the reason behind it, please help me.
After following all the steps to configure vias: 1. Create the via pad on Pad Designer. 2. Make definition for similar vias from BB vias Setup on PCB Editor. Setting start & end layers. 3. add via to physical contraint set, at respective top layer. 4. At routing time, select start (...)
Your output looks as a analog signal so add a simple summing amplifer with 2 input voltages. The first input voltage should be the output voltage which you have shown. The second should be the constant 0.5 Volt.
I am working on UVM using Questasim.I have created a makefile. I have two test cases.When I am running it from Questasim it is running in transcript.I have added add wave -r /* command also.But wave window is blank.I am working in windows. Same happens if I am running in Cygwin also.Gui is not coming up.Everything is running in command line only
I am using a 2 layer pcb board,after having a copper pour on both the layers i need to add GND vias on the board.when i try to copy and paste the existing GND via it does not get automatically connected to GND but shows no net name,so if i need to have around 200 via then each tym after pasting it i need to assign the net (...)
Found it.but how connect it to a graph? as the data is received you can add it to a Chart component (available in VB's toolbox) for a C# example of adding data to a chart have a look at post how many samples /second to you expect to receive?
hi akuno, Its possible to add a 3Sec delay before switching Off the pump, but have you considered a mechanical solution.? A small non return valve at the lower end of the pipe. E
Hi Edaboard team, Why do not add the plugin in order to open Edaboard forum with Tapatalk? Thanks Posted via Topify on Android
Hi mj08, I'm not familiar with atopTech. But , I think the issue could be that the nwell is not biased to VDD (if so u must add an via to connect the nwell to VDD ) or it could be that you haven't specified the power pins .