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a random Rayleigh flat-fading channel object based on Jake?s model is generated in MATLAB with sampling period of 10 μs and the maximum Doppler shift is set to 200 Hz. The additive white gaussian noise with SNR of 23 dB is used. The required BER is set to 10−3 and the average transmit power is fixed at 0.2 W. (...)
Hi all, I am looking for additive white gaussian noise generator . I found that the LogicCore is discontinued by xilinx. I would like to try using system generator , but my matlab version seems incompatible with system generator. Can anyone help me some ways , how can I add WGN to my signal and verify it whether its (...)
From where this "white" word come in additive white gaussian noise .? ( I know that PSD of noise is flat but why white ??) Plz help
here is some details on the gaussian noise additive white gaussian noise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia also there is a function in matlab called awgn you can use the help of matlab to get some details on it or
Dear Sir i need to know how to add AWGN(additive white gaussian noise) to a signal using C code...please provide me with some guidelines...
Hi all In multiuser OFDM, suppose the average SNR per subcarrier is 15dB. The variance of additive white gaussian noise at each receiver is assumed equal and unified (means =1). The average channel gain is from 0.1 to 1. From this, can I compute the total transmit power? Please help me Thank you
Hi I'm simulating according to the existing paper. However, I dont understand some parameters and dont know how to generate them. Could anyone please help me? "The variance fo additive white gaussian noise at each receiver is assumed equal and unified. The fading channel is three-path Rayleigh fading channel with (...)
Hi. I need to design additive white gaussian noise in verilog..can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance. Sudhir Dakey
Hi, everyone. When I did a question on Wiener filter, I do not know how to deal with it. The question is as follows. _____________________________ It is known that a certain object g(x,y) of size 256X256 is filtered by h(x,y) and then is corrupted by white additive gaussian noise n(x,y) to become i(x,y). We observe (...)
The Shannon-Hartley capacity theorem computes the system capacity (C) of a channel with additive white gaussian noise (AWGN). You need to realize this theorem only sets a theoretical limit on transmission rate, not error probability. It is: C = W * log2(1 + S/N) S/N is the average signal-to-noise (...)
I need ,atlab file for link level simulation for single additive white gaussian noise (AWGN)
Ioc cell interference power density Ior total trnsmitted power densityby mobile. Ioc / Ior means SIR of received signal to get it from link level simulation for additive white gaussian noise (AWGN)
Hello tohji, Suppose that the noise at the input of the receiving SRRC filter is AWGN (additive, white and gaussian noise). The noise Power Spectral Density (PSD) at the output has a shape proportional to |H(f)|^2, this is a raised cosine shape. The autocorrelation function of the (...)
Hi max19:77, I am not familiar with Xilinx library but if you needs additive Gaussion white noise most probably you will be able to do it using simple PRBS folowed by the low-pass digital filter and finaly decimator. Regards dora