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I am trying to model Schottky Diode in Agilient ads. I would appreciate if anyone can help.
Hello! Did anyone use QFN Package design kit, that is included in ads? Also there are package design kits from Amkor and
Plz help me download Modelithics Design Kit for ads2011 and JFET J310 model. I can't download from Modelithics homepage. Thanks in advance! :-)
hello guys anybody can help me? where can I download design kit for tsmc018um for ads 2015
I am looking for getting started help or tutorial pdfs or videos for agilent ads signal integrity. A tutorial that deals with post layout would be great.
Hello Designers I am simulating a full RF Transmission system in 60 GHz. I have a LO with frequency 20 GHz. I want my LO source to have phase noise (e.g. -100 dBc/Hz at 100k offset from 20GHz). I am using the source P1_tone (agilent ads). But I do not see any phase noise in my simulation. I am using Harmonic Balance (HB) simulation. All I need is
Trying to understand which agilent/Keysight ads versions experienced fundamental changes in structure and compatibility. I think ads2013 is one. I heard maybe ads2015 also did. I'm mostly interested in S parameter simulations. Thanks.
I want to simulate a detector (x-band), and I need a high frequency diode model in ads. It must rectify 8GHz current. Which model I should use? or how can I model it? I need help soon. Tnx
Hello Everyone! I would like to simulate the S-parameters and noise of simple circuits Tx / Rx in the range of 30-500 MHz. I can not find a model in ads (ads agilent) for PIN- photo-diode and laser diode (wavelength ~ 1.1 - 1.6 μm). Please tell where to find S-parameters / models to simulate the photo-diodes and laser diodes (...)
Here's a Harmonic Balance simulation tutorial from agilent (ads 2009): 117361. S. slides 24 ff. for IIP3 sim. And here a PSS simulation for IIP3 with Spectre RF: 117362
Hi All, I am Wasim from Wisconsin-Madison. I am new to ads simulations. I am willing to simulate a mixer IC by Hittite in ads. There are no direct modules provided by the vendor so I am using data-items and s-parameter file provided by the vendor. However I found that only reflection parameters are provided in the s-param file corrospon
Hi everyone, I have designed a simple QPSK transmitter to test the ACPR and EVM of my PA. However, I have some trouble with the component VtLFSR_DT in ads. ( ) Apparently the taps and seed will affect my results and I am still lost after looking at the guide as I am
Hi, Could anyone help me with agilent ads software ? I wish to draw a flat spiral coil (17 turn, s=w=0.5mm) I'm not knowing how to connect ports (P1-P2===>) to terminals of an spiral inductor layout. I try to connect ports (P1-P2) in the flat coil and the connection between them is unsuccessful . After to simulate the flat spiral coi
Guys I am new to Modeling in ads. tutorials on this topic are old from 2009, I am using 2011. where cn I find something for very beginner.... agilent has released the cook book for ads 2011 learning. please go through the link
Hello, I have a problem with simulation the rectifier which using schottky diode HSMS 7630 and 2860. My ads agilent don't have the library of this components. Please help me. Thanks you very much!
Hi, While I am able to optimize my designs for insertion loss and isolation, I wonder if some can please help me to suggest the ways for bandwidth optimization. I am looking to increase the bandwidth (at frequencies of interest) of my design in ads. Thank you
I am modelling the nonlinear diode in ads to get the characteristics of agilent's 5082 -2800 Schottky Diode. I am getting I-V curve but when I apply RF power signal to the diode , the RF resistance is not changing . The dynamic resistance remains constant with the increasing input power. Please help me out to solve the problem. My model parameters
Hello, i am serching for a method to introduce an external dependent frequency voltage source in ads agilent (version 2011).:oops: Thank you,
i have designed lna in agilent ads software.but in output i am getting s21 =(-105 dB) and s11=(-0.05 dB).how to analyze these center frequency is 5.8 ghz
Hello all! I tried to learn how to add a Verilog-A model into ads. I had two different models and followed the same procedure in ads. For some reason non of the projects worked, and they gave me different error messages. I attached my projects to this message. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what I did wrong. Best regards, Kat

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