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Hello there, I am exploring ads and I'm trying to setup my measurements sheet for my simulation. For a certain frequency, let it be fo, I want to measure S21 (or any other S-parameter) at fo+10% and fo-10%. How can I do that using equations?
I think the problem can be solved by using Matlab interface within ads.
Hi.., that you mentioned about frequency dependent capacitance .. But i need Bias dependent capacitance, (How to plot Cgs vs Vgs ). Calculated Capacitance's dependencies are two varilables, Vgs and freq. So Cgs=Cgs(Vgs, freq). So If you do single frequency point AC Analysis, dependency of Cgs is only Vgs.
I want to measure external quality factor in ads in 2 ways 1) Center frequency/bandwidth 2) by this formula==> Q=pi*freq*delay(S(1,1)) but the answers aren't same and have different..why? which one is correct? One possible reason is that the second formula doesn't distinguish between transmission (...)
theory is always different from simulation, you should rely on momentum simulation, and keep some placeholder for tuning can you tell me how to find the impedance of antenna at different points in ads?
freq. is not a defined variable in Virtuoso as in ads. Instead, use calculator and its functions to find these values..
thanks ads-ee. I was looking for depth of fifo in asycn clock cases when read freq> write freq. Because the read is happening more often and we want fifo only for synchronization, i think 2 deep fifo should do, " irrespective of the read/write freq value". This is my assumption. I am not sure about this (...)
If I select P_1 tone from freq domain sources, What is the difference between, P=polar(dbmtow(0),0) and Pac=polar(dbmtow(0),0)..?? Which value should i use.?
If I select P_1 tone from freq domain sources, What is the difference between, P=polar(dbmtow(0),0) and Pac=polar(dbmtow(0),0)..??
Hi ads-ee, Thank you for your reply. I have grouped the CLKA and CLKB in the same group when I give asynchronous group constraints ("set_clock_group -asynchronous -group {CLKA CLKB} -group {CLKC}"). So my doubt is whether I am missing any other constraints between CLKA and CLKB domains.
Dear Sir, In ads 2009(Advanced Design System 2009),lumped component palette list ,we can find the DC_Feed and DC_Block. I want to know, what is the equivalent lumped values of the inductor and capacitor for these DC_Feed and DC_Block. I need equivalent values,because If I use MLIN instead of DC_Feed , I am (...)
When you set up your Optimization Goal in ads you can define multiple Limit Lines for different ranges of the independant variable. If frequency (freq) is set as the independant variable then each of these limits could have a different goal and all would be optimized at once. For each limit line the (...)
In HFSS you can do the same as in ads: When you create an new rectangular plot a window opens. On the right side is a trace tab. PrimarySweep should be freq. For X you can uncheck the Default and then type freq*freq. and for Y you choose your value like S21
how r u plotting the stability circles ?? thru any tools in ads ?? In general if ur plotting them through equations in data window, U need to edit the equation of that plot which would be for that particular freq in ur case and plot for all values.
hey I want to simulate IQ demodulator. in ads. Although I am using AD8347 IC but since models are not available I want to use built in model to complete my simulation. Problem is I am not able to understand configuration for the same. Its IQ_DemodulatorSetup and ask for freq pin_start pin_stop pin_step. I have no idea what (...)
we have a gain equalizer designed using Mellor topology however here, lumped reactive elements are replaced by microstrip components. The design as originally designed in ads software has very good return loss and slope/freq response. However when the same equalizer is implemented through microstrip elements and simulated in (...)
i use the Zin function . now i can get its real and imag parts. THX by the way: what is the unit of "imag(Zin1)" ? I guess it's H if it is positive and F if it's negative. Am i right?
ads has a example about Class-D amplifier, but that is direct freq amplifier, runing at 850MHz. You can find that amplifier in ads2011 example, about class-D and THD calculation. But the live audio class-D amplifer has freq convertion, i.e. has a clock, say 1.6MHz, and the input audio (...)
How to find the input impedance of a one port passive network using ads? Need to plot Zin vs freq using ads
When I open the example of rectifier from ads2009, I can not get the output voltage as half wave of sine. How could I get this? ---------- Post added at 10:06 ---------- Previous post was at 09:32 ---------- I supply sufficient AC voltage but output voltage is again full wave. What should I do?