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Hi guys, I am trying to simulate the characteristics of a branch-line coupler in EM simulation. However, the momentum mesh doesn't fit the layout (the upper edge marked in attached picture). No matter how many cells/wavelength are used or other options in mesh tab of simulation options are set, it didn't work. Anyone know the way to fix (...)
Hello all! I am newbie in designs with momentum (ads 2009) and I have some doubts about this software. I'm trying to build a power divider and I have a first design with strips. The results are good with momentum but very difference if I use EMDS (with a difference of 15 (...)
hello; the result of simulation in ads momentum depends on the meshing frequency that we choose, how we can define the optimum frequency for simulation? thanks
Hi all, I've been using ads with momentum for years to simulate PCB boards. Often I import files from the mechanical engineers to create the basic outline. Now I've been toying with 3D EM simulators to generate antenna patterns on complex surfaces and have been having a lot of trouble. I've got an evaluation copy of (...)
1-why momentum(ads) works with an infinite ground plane? The advantage is that these infinite planes (=boundary conditions) are available "for free", without having to mesh a "drawn" ground plane. This is more efficient for memory and simulation time. we can define a finite ground plane
Hi In agilent ads momentum there are two ways to model a ground plane: slot_planes and strip_planes. In slot_plane method the program only meshes the voids, like antipads and splits, while in strip_plane method it meshes the copper (...)
Hello all, I am having a problem of frequency shift in ads. I have a microstrip filter design which I simulate in momentum. This filter's center frequency in 1580MHz in ads 2009U1. However, the same filter's center frequency is 1615MHz in ads 2011. I use same substrate parameters and (...)
Is there anyone can help me? I'm very perplex. I use Win7 and ads2009U1 64bit. Please help me...
Hello there: I run into a problem and dont know how to get rid of it. I copied a piece of patch with mesh drawing on it to another layout design. then, I deleted that copied patch in the latter layout design. but the mesh persisted and I can not get rid of it. Did anyone here (...)
u have to create a new layer in ads. go to layer--> edit--> in the bottom enable new tab and give some layer name like (layout) and save now u import the structure it will import easily
Hello, everyone! I am simulating with ads momentum, while simulating run in mesh generation,I meet a error,as shown below: ERROR:MomMSHmaker: internal error 11 -- segmentation violation How could I solve it? Best wishes
Hello All, please help When I try to simulate filter that ports are on the line, please look at the picture, ads give me warning and results are Warning is: IF THE GEOMETRY CONTAINS LINES THAT ARE WITHIN 1 DEGREE O
ads -momentum works for low frequency EM anlysis