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Which version you want ads model ? is it ads2009U1 or ads2011?
Good Evening In an LNA design i have used the Panasonic ads kit because it has some resistors i want to use. But when i change the ads resistor with the resistors from the kit, the noise figure drops. Is that possible? Usually when using resistors from manufacturers the noise is being increased... Is there any possibility to be something wrong wit
- Follow the hints in ads manual describing the OpAmp model. There are also additional parameters not shown in your list. - The manual instructs you to adjust the parameters to meet the device behaviour specified in datasheet. - These generic OP models can only achieve a rough estimation of real device behavior. It (...)
Avant's True Hspice device models Reference reports WD in the LEVEL 3 IDS Empirical Model as "Lateral diffusion into channel width from bulk", s. p. 9-21 (or 587) from the following PDF: 56515 As ads doesn't recognize this parameter, I'd suggest to omit it, or, for small MOSFETs, take Weff = W-2WD
Which model you want to use ??? Select the model which you would in "devices-MOS" palette and define your parameters of your MOS device in "Properties" of model block. (All kind of models may not be in the palette in ads.. )
You might want to look into ads RFIC Dynamic Link, I think that will do what you want.
Hi all, Does it possible to create an ads schematic able to compute same conditions of a pulsed IV measurement bench to test transistor? thanks
I need for Agilent ads.please upload here. not for MWO
In this ads Design Kit, there is a file: In this file There are 12 different models for the same device: model TSMC_CM018RF_BB_MODEL_nch BinModel Model ="TSMC_CM018RF_BB_MODEL_nchx1" Model="TSMC_CM018RF_BB_MODEL_nchx2" Model="TSMC_CM018RF_BB_MODEL_nchx3" Model="TSM
Infineon doesn't provide ready-to-use spice models. They provide chip SPICE model and package model separately. You have to manually join the models together in a single model for the device. But the Ansoft designer already has the model ready to go and ads should have it too no? I haven't tried the BAT14 or BAT15 (...)
When I've imported a spice netlist into ads, I've copied active device models' (BJTs, Diodes) data file to the working directory and it automatically included the models into the schematic. If you're not importing a spice netlist, then, I guess, you should include models data file path to the (...)
Hi No problem You can add any number any named layers if you need in ads layout For ex. I have used ads layout for CMOS parametr. cells. Regards
Because HSpice is a time domain simulator only discrete component approximations or FFT translation could simulate irrational frequency transfer functions. The second principle is used by ads where frequency domain models are translated into time domain and are simulated together with the nonlinear time domain models. The approximation of (...)
Dear all, Can any buddy forward me a design kit for @DS(device models) that can support pHEMT up to 100 GHz? It seems that no such models are available in Europractice,which is really disappointing =_= !!
use the nonlinear model in ads,and input the parameter by yourself.
I would take a look at IC_CAP one Agilent's wewb site; they may have some tutorials on creating spice models like BSIM, EEFET, MOS1..etc. Also if you have s-parameters ads will create a lumped element equivalent circuit. This is an open-ended question since it depends on whether it's an active or passive device, the frequency range of interest
Symbolically defined devices (SDD) components in ads make it very versatile for creating your own non-linear device models. If you get off the usual types of circuits that use pre-canned components, ads has distinct advantages. Plus, ads can be coupled to ICCAP to allow your (...)
if u have full design kit available for ads, use it! if only device models are available, write a small spice (Hspice) netlist consisting the requested models, then import it (from file menu), u will see device models in imported shcematic. now u can use it after saving the file (e.g. by (...)