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Good day, I need a way to automate eye diagram measurement because I need the data for neural network training. I want to integrate neural network training in MATLAB with data collection process. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
Hello All, I want to simulate the eye diagram for transimpedance amplifier in ads . I don't know how to used the PRBS ? knowing that the input signal in trasimpedance amplifier is the courrent and i find VtPRBS generator source ? how can i use it as Input current source? and how i configurate it for 10Gb/s Best regards
The statement "block of zeros" would imply that 1 zero is not a block of zeros and that the block is atomic so only when the block is complete do you detect if it's odd or even. You should clarify this requirement. At the moment the FSM you've proposed won't work (using my assumptions) as it flags all odd instances of 0 in
In ads program, I should find a way to draw this diagram
I am simulating a paper of 2.45 GHz rectenna using ads. The circuit diagram given in paper and made by myself in ads are shown below; 110986 110987 I wanted to ask the following: 1. Firstly, is my circuit correctly implemented? 2. How did impedance matching occurred via ads matching tool? I
I think they want someone to write the code for them. Surely not. Ive never seen that on this forum before....
Plz send the hardware circuit diagram.
It looks like the Spectre analysis has too few frequency steps. The few points that are plotted are probably corresponding to the ads curves.
There are actually two types of eye diagrams: the usual digital eye diagram and there is also a I-Q eye diagram. It sounds like your looking for the digital eye diagram. ads has some nice tools for this. I'd be interested to hear what other tools can do this.
Dear All, hi. I am new in Antenna designing field, I am designing a 2.4 GHz patch antenna using ads Momentum with the help of a tutorial by Nader Behdad i am following step by step process but problem is that my results are not matching with the result mention on tutorial. the antenna diagram and results are attached.
Hi ! Help My! The CD disk to a board(AVNET ads-XLX-SP3-EVL400) was lost, I ask to send my the schematic diagram on this board. (Xilinx Spartan-3 Evaluation Kit - Schematics) Thanks.
hi! poor MoMentum! yes I have not found an application of EBG structures(mushroom like) that uses this nice software, why? i dont know! also I decided to use MoM, how we can extract the phase diagram and the dispersion diagram, we can extract them with MoM?if yes , how do this? thank u very much!
I want to design a LNA with AGC for 900Mhz. my Bolck diagram of the design is below. Does the below below link whether is correct ? and i find a big problem on using ads ? anyone Good in ads ?
Hi I Have a circuit with simulated S-parameters for it, in CST or HFSS. How can I move these S-parameters to ads and use eye probe to get eye diagram? I think I can't simulate my structure in ads and obtain S-parameters. Is This correct? Thank you for your replys.
Hi, I have designed a circuit of a GSM Band Jammer circuits in ads. Now i have to calculate the output power of the signal received but don't it. Could anyone please help ???
Agilent has a free tool to estimate those specs. It's AppCAD that is available to download at Avago's website..There might be other free simulators on the web.. If you have money, Systemview or ads are good professional simulators. Matlab/Simulink is another alternative.. You got choices...
Hi I was working with Linecal utility in ads to design a coaxial cable model. Generally when you select the component it shows a component illustration window with a nice diagram showing all the parameters on the sketch. For some reason I am not getting to see the picture inside the linecal. This is for any of the component I try to work in Line
Hi, I want to do an worst case eye diagram simulation using ads? Can we do peak distortion analysis,I want to give one input PRBS and check for bit sequence whther that is worst case and procedd with the output bit pattern to do further worst case analysis. If it could be done kindly guide me through. Any help would be greatful.
Hello everyone, I have a question about simulation jitter in ads. for the first step, I dont use to eye diagram, I only want to simulation the output signal of a ring oscillator with/without noise on its power supply, and compare it with measurement. From measurement, I got a statistal information about the period jitter, for example,
how to get the i-v curve of a GUNN diode(M/ACOM49104).I want the ckt diagram in ads or Ansoft Designer. Also if anybody can give the spice parameters for the GUNN diode