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Hi I read a paper in which exact structure of a fat dipole microstrip antenna is described. My question is about the feeding structure. Is it necessary to set up for example a coaxial feed and its entrance as input port or we can draw port right at the antenna? Is there any difference between ads, CST, HFSS in this (...)
Hi Friends, I am designing log periodic dipole antenna in ads but i am not getting exact results over the wide band from 2GHz to 10GHz, Can anybody help me with designing values and images and i have one more doubt like whether is it possible to design LPDA in ads why because normally an LPDA antenna (...)
Dear all I have to design folded dipole antenna in ads, can any one provide ma dipole antenna designing manual/tutorial???
Hello, I have simulated a dipole antenna at HFSS. Now, I would like to use it in a design at ads. In this way, I would like to have a two-port block that would mimic the impedance frequency dependency of the antenna. Probably at port 1, the impedance should be always equal to 50ohms, while the impedance at port 2 should (...)
Dear all, I would like to make a full simulation of a double rectifier in ads. The problem that I am facing now is to connect a dipole antenna model (1 port - s11 parameter) to a ballun (3 port device). How should I connect this two components? Should I excite both input balanced ports of the ballun with the same signal coming from the (...)
hi, i have to design dipole antenna..i am bit confused in how to define layout layers as i am using two cond layers which are overlapping..can any one please explain..thanks
I am not sure weather you can use ads for Sinuous antenna simulation. I really doubt. We have tried in HFSS Try using different port schemes available in ads. check some sinuous antenna material on web & try the same.
Hi, My goal is the design of a dipole antenna for a RFID tag on the ISM band of 868 MHz. For the tuning/optimization I want to create a schematic including the different necessary elements as lines and corners. My problem is that I am not able to get a substrate in any technology (microstrip, stripline,---) that represents my layer structure f
hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone could tell me , how to simulate a switched beam smart antenna(dipole), using Agilent Design Systems-ads, with ANY DoA algorithm! please, ive searched the entire ieee library... im new to ads, so dont know how to use the layout mode, very well, so need help.... :oops: thanks (...)
Reducing the thickness does bring the resonance frequency more close to the theoretical half wave frequency. As your actual resonant frequency is just 40% of the value for the infinite thin half wave dipole, there must be something else (probably a dielectrics issue). Did you check the meshing?. I don't know ads, but I assume that there is a t
Need a help for covering the bandwidth from 0.7Ghz-3Ghz......I here attach the files covering from 1.5Ghz to 3Ghz.
Hi friends i am designing a dipole antenna..the following are the threads i found while simulating dipole... using minimal snap distance of 0.0004 mm ( layout resolution points) for layout healing. Generating mesh at 3 Ghz Port 1...mesher chose to use an analytical (approximating) formula to estimate the wavelength it (...)
Helloo everyone I am a student doing Electronics, in my final year, my project is about designing an impedance matching circuit and a feed network for next gen communications systems I am using the ads suite, and I want to start with designing the impedance matching circuit Now, i have a slight idea of what I am going to do: My circuit need
Hi I am new to patch antenna design. I am trying to design a halfwave dipole for 1.5MHZ in ads. I have few following questions. but had few questions 1. in order to draw the dipole legs do i have to draw a rectangle or grab the stripline form the component pallete?? 2. how can i do the coax feed in (...)
hi all, I'd like to ask how many ports for dipole simulation in EMDS/Momentum? 2ports or 3ports (the third port is for Ground plane) for microstrip dipole antenna simulation, I wonder that I should use port definition iSinn EMDS, ads 2009 as the following: Port 1: Single Mode Port 2: Single Mode or, Port 1: (...)
Hi lkjhgf, I deigned folded dipole many times before using ads. Please check two things: 1) change the stting of the subrtate /////GND///// from closed to open with epsilon=1. Re-simulate and check the results. 2) How did you set the ports, can you attach a photo of that let me know about the results Mustafa [color
Hi, I am new to HFSS. I am doing matching filter network to balance dipole antenna. I know ads but new HFSS. Top=Air Copper: 17um Substrate:RT-Duroid 5880 Ground: No Bottom=Air Is anyone know how to assign an excitation differential port with Complex Impedance to Coplanar Stripline which is <1mm next to each other? Complex (...)
hi, ads momentum assumes an infinite substrate and ground plane. however, in real world antenna designs, the ground needs to be truncated like for example in a dipole array. Im designing a dipole array for a WLAN base station. I use FR4 board with a strip metal layer above and a truncated ground plane below and some (...)
hi guys i have confused by setuping port type in @DS momentum. by help document, i can define the port as differential type , and associate each other. but i can't do it with my dipole antenna, illustrating as following: i can simulate it with internal port type, but i can't decide which type should i use? another questio