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to do this I added a port to every component pad in the layout-view and exported the whole circuit as a schematic symbol (w/ EM-model) to the schematic-view, placed all the components on that and then ran the S-parameter simulation. Hi Annor, the workflow sounds fine to me, and the only missing details might be t
Hello from Sweden! For some days now I've been fiddling about with ads and I must say I've been enjoying it immensely. Yesterday, I thought I would graduate from playing around in the schematic view and do some Momentum simulations with some real PCB-traces. I imported a test-circuit (DXF) into the layout-view of ads from Eagle - with (...)
I am using ads momentum to simulate a 3-layer structure. My structure is periodic which has 64 cells so fabricating it in layout window is really a big pain. I use ads schematic to generate the structure and then transfer it to the layout window by layout option in schematic window. This method is really (...)
Hi to all respected members I have few queries regarding ads software. 1. How we can rotate objects in ads. Let see if i want to fix a bias line at 45 degree angle, what can be the procedure. 2. What is the procedure of Momentum co simulation. Although, tutorials are available and I have used the same method but my results are not satisfac
Yes it's cond and cond2, do you want to setup a substrate for em-simulation? If yes, it depends on your ads vesion how to setup. Maybe the link provides sufficient informations:
I am simulating a circuit that includes a symbol created in the layout (EM frequency plan 50MHz-350MHz) and lumped components. In the circuit S-parameter setup: frequency range is 50 MHz to 300MHz. Type of simulation - Linear. However instead of assigned setup the ads is performing an adaptive simulation in the r
Extractions are not generally accurate in these kind of problems.Instead, a EM simulator ( preferably Sonnet or ads Momentum ) gives more accurate result.
Why is that ads gives different impedance values when you use a combination of layout components like microstrips before and after merge operation? Should one do a merge operation of the layout components before generating the model for simulation in ads?
how to make a PCB layout design from lumped-components at schematic using ads 2011? I HOPE YOU can make me easy to solve my problem
Hello everybody, I am simulating a rectifier circuit using discret components in ads 2009. I would like to know if it's possible to design the PCB layout of the rectifier with ads (or the layout in ads is only for microstrip simulation). If it's possible, would you please give me the (...)
hello what's the difference in cosimulation ads beteween the view : emMOdel, layout and schematic? many thanks
Hi there I wana analyze a microstrip filter using ads, I actually know how to use HFSS to analyze a filter and see the results, i.e. S21, S11, GroupDelay,... But I do not know how to use ads, where should I start..Help me.. BTW I'm gonna switch to ads because analyzing in HFSS takes a long time that's bothering. Thx
How to generate Schematic from layout in ads 2011? Please help me guys, I want to how to generate schematic from layout in ads 2011 Thanks in advance
Hi, I am designing a bandpass filter at 5.81 GHz center frequency using ads. However on simulating the layout, the center frequency shifts to 5.5 GHz.
My circuit has just lumped components and a transistor in the schematic. How do i get about it in ads layout ? Should i get it transferred in terms of tx lines, if so how ? Kindly help me.
Yes sir i tried it...but couldnt get the same result as in schematic.... in schematic i got gain of about 16 dB...but in layout ,if i simulate i get -50db gain(loss)..... Did you simulate your layout ??? The components that yo have placed are realistic ?? Is there any short circuit/open circuit ???? You can not simula
Hi guys, I made filter simulation in ads 2009 schematic. It goes OK, and the results are correct. Then I wanted to make layout simulation, I used "Generate/Upadate layout" option but the results are completely wrong. Can anybody help me? In attachment I gave you this project.
Hi all; I'm a beginner.I have just started designing filters using ads 2009. I designed a six element band pass filter. But the response is not smooth. Wat am i supposed to do ?? Thanks in advance :)
Hello, How can i improve the mismatch between measurement (a microstrip line, closed boundary) and layout in ads momentum. In which way can i model lines in momentum by using lumped components. Just an example: is it possible to move the S11 magnitude caracteristic ''left-right'' to have better matching. 2. What are the (...)
You can use a layout component. layout components for Momentum - ads 2009 - Agilent EEsof Documentation Center