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I'm having some trouble during the installation phase of the ads-Momentum software version ads2016_01_shp (In order to design on-Chip-Antenna) as the following message appears: "Select another place to extract the files" With multiple tests and different locations. Knowing that i have available space of 137 GB.
i have installed ads 2011.1 linux in openSUSE(x86_64) graphic installation cannot be used, and I installed in text mode when i need to run, I guess I met a problem that X64 version does not support 32bit application? linux:/opt/ads/EEsof_License_Tools/linux_x86_64 # lmgrd If 'lmgrd' is not a typo (...)
hello guys, i am looking for a patch for ads2009 running on linux, can soembody share it? thanks
everything is correct, the installer is expected two architecture of i386 and amd64. The automatic ads exchange in case of start itself selects that to it to launch, but you can also in manual to launch required to you ("ads" - launches 64 bit, and "ads -32 bit" - respectively the 32nd). Therefore in requirements to an operating system (for (...)
Also EMPro (agilent) for 3D structure, for planar - ads.
linux, 24 cpus. It is a software bug in ads2009U1 (if you have more than 16 cores). I had similar problems. Two solutions: -> Try under Windows -> Use ads2011 Greetings
I would like to install ads2009U1 on linux (Fedora15) but there are some errors shown below. /export/home/tools/Agilent/ads2009u1/bin/ads: .: .: .: .: line 27: lsb_release: not found aglmstat: error while loading shared libraries: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Permission denied (...)
I have the same question. if I can start ads command line from shell, then AEL can do the rest job. But i don't know the first step-Running the command line, hope someone can help. Thanks.
help. I want to use command line in the linux shell to call momentum simulation (S-parameters). I want to import the GDSII file into the ads,use special substrate file, add the port (at the needed position)to the dsn file, then do the momentum simulation. I need do all the things before in the command line(shell). I know it may relate with the
Hi, I have a question.Suppose tha i have created a project (within Agilent ads) under linux environment.Then i copy the folder of the project i just created in my working directory in windows envirnonment.The question is : will the project work??Has anybody tried something like this?? Thx in advance and Merry Xmas.
Hi~ I have windows ads (2008) installed in my desktop and linux ads installed in my department server. (2008 update 1) I simulate exactly the same structure, a LNA. From the ideal component to hspice model, the simulation results from the two versions are the same. But when I replace an inductor model to a s2p instance, using the (...)
Hi, Anyone installed their Cadence on linux platform with ads dynamic Link? The Co-simulation is able to run on Solaris 10 unix platform. When run on linux, the ads is unable to compile the verilog-A model files. The error looks something like this. "Error encountered during netlist parsing, .. file. ... *.cml not (...)
I have successfully tried ads 2008 only on RHEL 4.4 WS, as it is officially supported. I wanted to know if anybody got it working on other non-supported linux distributions? RHEL 5 WS? RHEL 5 AS? Ubuntu 8.04?
hsim ads
Dear friends, I need recommendations from those persons who have great systems for EDA tools. What processor?? What OS?? What Memory?? What else can be required??? I want you guys to suggest me the system configuration for laptop to run EDA softwares like, Cadence, ads, Hspice....and all that essential softwares for circuit designers... any
Agilent has released linux version of ads. Find the correct CDs and follow the instructions. I only installed ads from the installation packages.
for windows OS schematic -> ECS (HDS ) mentor Dxdesigner = work viewdraw simulator hspice , smartspice , Tanner tspice , microwaveOffice(RF) ads , HFSS .. for linux schematic -> cadence compoer(inside IC xx ) novas AMS (ECS ) or ADP mentor
Do you know if is it possible to cut and paste a plot on the data display inside open office? thanks in advance wasm
Hello; What is Spectre? Is it an RF software? Which company produces it? Please compare it with MWOffice or ads.
Have anyone perform any benchmark on centrino laptop versus P4 or xeon pc workstation on the eda tools such as ads, Cadence on linux and other EDA tool ? Assuming both have 1G of Ram.