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Hello, I have the following XnP parameters for a lna. I want to simulate in ads the transfer of power (s21) and the IMR3 (harmonic simulation). I know how to simulate S param., with the data item touchstone etc. But with X param. I am never successful. Any advices? Thank you in advance! lna and X param:
i have designed lna in agilent ads software.but in output i am getting s21 =(-105 dB) and s11=(-0.05 dB).how to analyze these center frequency is 5.8 ghz
Hi, Can anyone help me out with plotting gain Vs frequency for lna using ads ,other than with S parameter analysis(s21)
Obtain your s-parameter by measurements and make compute your K factor for instance in Excel or Matlab... Some VNA's can calculate K-factors.Almost all commercially available simulators such as AWR,ads and the others can calculate K-factor.
Hi all, I have designed an lna at 145MHz using transistor ATF54143. I have simulated the circuit in ads with s21=19dB, S11=-20dB, S22=-15dB, k>5 for a wide frequency band, NF=0.3dB. After realization in FR4 PCB, I have a strange instability problem. It is unstable when powering, but it shows expected gain when I just touch the source (...)
Could someone help me correct my lna?I'm from china,I'm new to ads ,thank you very much! Here is the prj and models need to be used;thank you! they need to be opened at ads2009U1
we want to design a lna in 0.18um technology and in 2.4GHz with ads,but we dont how to design and what is the procedure.please help us... we should have plots of NF vs freq & S11,S12,s21,S22 vs freq & IP3 & P1dB & Zin thank you There is lna example in ads design guide, you can follow it
if u use baluns , u can plot the s21 and S11 of it check this link , but it is for ads , u can apply the same concept for ELDO khouly
use other program like ads
I am simulating the conversion gain of a 2.45GHz lna by ads. 1.Find out output power(dBm)@2.45GHz from output spectrum then substract specified input port power(dBm) 2.s21 by S-parameter analysis 3.Measure Vout and Iout @2.45GHz then calculate PowerOut(W)=0.5*real(Vout*conj(Iout)) PowerOut(dBm)=10*log(Power(W)) + 30 Then (...)
hello ! i am using ads2005A budget analysis.but when i set a lna as subnetwork,i simulated the toplevel schematic ,there is a wrong about s21 says s21 is too small.But I simulated the lna in the subnetwork ,the gain is 15dB.can you please tell me why?
The definition of stability factor (from ads help) Given a 2 x 2 scattering matrix between the input and measurement ports, this function calculates the stability factor. The Rollett stability factor is given by k = {1- |S11|**2 - |S22|**2 + |S11*S22 - S12*s21| **2} / {2*|S12*s21|} The necessary and sufficient conditions for (...)
lna simulation in ads, The AC simulation uses the standing wave voltage only. But the S-Parameter simulation uses output power divided by incident power(V and I). How to understand it? AC gain= 20*log(mag(vout)/mag(vin)) s21=b2/a1 simulation results: s21=2* AC gain (dB)??? confused!!! The source impedence is (...)