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Hello, I am designing a power amplifier in cadence, but I don't know how to design matching network in cadence. I found that some papers solve this by hand calculating but deviation of this method is too large. I'd like to know whether I can design the matching network in cadence like in the ads ? (I don't have the pdk document which is fit for
Hi All By profession I am a pdk developer. I have created pdks for ads EDA tool. Now I want to create pdks for Cadence virtuoso. Can anyone of you provide me some help document to create Cadence pdks. Thanks in Advance!!
hi guys I want to design a 60GHz PA using cmos technology 013.018 TSMC or whatever ...the thing is I do not have ads pdk but I have cadence pdk,the design flow would be ?please as detail as possible,thanks very much
I am just getting started with ads (2013.06 Linux). I've installed the IBM 8HP pdk from MOSIS, and installed the design kit in ads by navigating to the libs.def file and selecting said file from the design kit manager. The pdk name and version are correctly shown in the design kit manager. When I make a new workspace, I (...)
Hi all. I'm doing a Ph.D in MMIC design for uW frequencies and I'm new to ads and EMPro, though I have experience with MWOffice and CST, so I'm familiar with EM simulations. I'm trying to export an ads PA MMIC design (with a proprietary pdk) to EMPRo, and simulate it with the FEM and FDTD engines. For that purpose, first and rather (...)
i have designed LNA using Philips mos model 11 in ads. can anyone pls help me to prepare layout. How to prepare layout and what tool to use?? How can i fabricate the IC after layout preparation?? pls help??
Hi all, I am using ads 2012 in my circuit designs. However, for the pdk I am using, there is no transmission line libraries created already with this pdk. So, it is not quite convenient in schematic simulation as one needs to do EM simulation for each transmission line and uses the results in schematic simulation. However, there is a (...)
If you are using the latest version of the ads pdk then this contains all that is needed to create the layout design. The kits work seamlessly with ads 2011, ads 2009 Update 1 and prior ads releases. The OMMIC pdks for their ED02AH (PHEMT), D01PH (PHEMT), D01MH (MHEMT), and D007IH (MHEMT) (...)
Hi everybody.I have a designkit 0.13um TSMC CMOS for ads2009. Who can help me convert it to 2011 version?:thinker:
i am working on LNA on ads for which i need TSMC 0.13 RF pdk, i would appreciate if someone can help me getting these files. Please help me..........i need to finish this project
i am working on LNA on ads for which i need TSMC 0.13 RF pdk, i would appreciate if someone can help me getting these files. Please help me..........i need to finish this project
Information here. There its says: The pdks are distributed by Triquint and are available for immediate use with the Agilent ads software. To get access to these kits (and most other foundry pdks for any software
Foundry Partners - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) How to gain access to these ads pdks? The pdks can be downloaded from the restricted download area of the Agilent Knowledge Center. Please contact your
I can't comment on TSMC 180nm, but I have seen other pdks where models had mistakes. You should troubleshoot the difference step by step, starting with series L and series R. Next, look at the shunt path (Cox, Csub Rsub). I have documented the steps here:
edit: Yes, in ads you can include SPICE netlist. What are you trying to do?
can any 1 tell which process technology is used in Agilent (ads)
Dear All, I'm using ads Dynamic Link to simulate an LC oscillator schematic from cadence(using ibm130nm pdk). With the ads HB simulation, all the simulation results such as oscillation freq are obtained correctly except for the phase noise(pnmx). When I list the pnmx in the result browser window, the value shows "NaN". Can anyone tell me (...)
Hi, I need tsmc 90nm pdk for ads, can anybody help me pleaaaasee. thanks
Would anyone upload TSMC RFCMOS 65nm ads design kits to me? It's for personal 60GHz research. Thanks. The TSMC RFCMOS 65nm pdk for Cadence environment will do.
Hi all, I need TSMC 90nm pdk files for ads. Where will I get? Plz help me. Thank u, Manju