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Hi all I want to design a on chip transformer with center tap to for PA input and output match and center tap used for bias supply . But the ads mom designed transformer (SP_black block)used for bias supply in cadence simulation ,My main power amplifier device was not operating in the right quiescent point. Please (...)
Friends, I am working on matching networks for a power amplifier. In ads using LSSP and optimization of the matching network help to match at a single frequency, but I want to match over a frequency band. Consider S-Parameters in small signal, it can match input and (...)
Hi all, I appreciate any help from you guys. Below is a picture of a pair of inductors in ads Momentum. They are match to their respective ports. The small coil sets on an dielectric substrate, and the bigger coil is hanging in free space. You can see it as a pair of NFC antennas. The problem is that now I need to do power budget (...)
You just use ads match tools to do that, it is easy. If you need more help. check the textbook.
i have designed a power amplifier for 2.4ghz in ads and i simulate it in S-Parametere simulation and plot Z(2,2) vs frequnce i see output impedance of circuit is 30.49Ω but the load impedance that give maximum power (RL-opt) is near 10Ω now i want to match the output to 50Ω but i have 2 question:1-is it true (...)
I used ads(advanced design system) previously to match 50 ohm impedance. ( I m not sure which simulation tools u r using..) You can use the termination provided by tools itself to match you input or ouput impedance..... we preferred LC matching network.. you can use smith chart while doing s-parameter to (...)
Hi I'm looking for some help with simulating a mosfet rf power amp with either Agilent ads or Microwave Office. I'm an absolute beginner and just can't find enough information about how to tackle exactly this task. What I want is to simulate the design I already have to see things like output power depending on input (...)
If you need Professional suggestion the You should take help of software such as ads or Genesys for impedance matching. you need not worry much since I dont see your Bandwidth is large, it is 20 MHz,right? Take help of softwares,you will get optimum match & good power transfer.