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hello, I've simulate a patch antenna in ads momentum and I wanna now make a real one, how can I generate the necessary file for this? 10x
Hi, I've got a 16 bit output from ads 7825, which is 16 bit adc. I've 6-seven segment displays. Now I want this 2 byte adc output on 7-segment. So can anyone tell me how do i conversion of this hex bytes to decimal and then print them on seven segment??? The output is signed int. I am using ATMEGA 128 and codevision avr compiler.. NIKS
Hello there, I am having trouble to get the print out of the layout from Advanced Design System(ads). I already have the design in ads. To fabricate the interdigital filter, i need the negative image of the layout (copper in white colour and empty space in black colour). Can anyone please help me.. Thank you so much in advan
i have completed the patch antenna design in ads layout i want to fabricate the antenna.i want to print the mask of the design in the specified dimension(5cmx5cm).but i am not able to able print the same dimension as in the design.whether any software available to print the same dimension as in the design. (...)
hi, we are buying few RF and Antenna tools. we work on RF Active- Amplifiers, RF passive-couplers/power dividers RF filters, mixers, LNAs, TMA/TMB Also on Antennas.....Base station antenna/IBS/Space antennas i want ur help in finding the best fit for our company. ads(2D ckt simulation tool)- AMDS/EMDS (3D antenna tool) Microwave offi
hi everybody i do design with ads agilent and now i want to print layout of my design . can any one help me to do this ,i don't know to print the layout in reel dimension . thanx in advance
Hi, there I want to know how to get Cgs, gds or gmoverid etc. of MOSFET when simulating using ads? Thanks
use other program like ads
You can use ads from Agilent, all for microstrip.