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Hello, i am trying to be sure if i got the meaning of the following parameters in ads. i have drawn the parameters presented in ads linecalc on a 3D shape. Did i get the parameters correctly? Thanks 136682
Dear all, Does anyone here have any experience using stackup editor on CADENCE? Is it similar to MSUB in ads? Please share Thanks.
Microstrip lines are same as other transmission lines like waveguide and coaxial cables. So transmission line theory is the pre-request before starting design process. In Microstrip lines it is the length of line which defines your components like inductor capacitor etc. (...)
Hi I'm simulating a two layer PCB layout in ads, which has an SMA connector to a coplanar transmission line. The figure shows how the ports are connected to the SMA connector. For simulation purpose I've removed the PTH VIA from the signal feed. In the EM setup the port P1 is made + and P4 is made - . Is this the correct way to model (...)
Hello, I am simulating on momentum/ads 2012 a CPW transmission line with finite ground planes. I am wondering if my substrate is well defined. I selected : - for the top layer: strip layer (I define then two ports connected to the conductor and I associate to them their 4 ground ports (2 for each one)) - for the conductor: (...)
Hi, Is there any simulation tools(like Cadence, ads) that we can see the incident and reflection voltage and current from a step response? Thanks.
Can somebody please help me with low cost RF design software? I work at company and some time, not always need to work with some RF design tasks. Like antenna design and matching, RF transmission line design and matching. Previously I used to work with ads, CST and HFSS software in my previous carrier but since we just some time need RF (...)
Hello all, I'm used to working with ads a little bit, but I can't seem to understand to simulate the TCM4-452X+ wideband balun from mini-circuits. I downloaded the s3p-file from over here: Datasheet is here: First I don't rea
Hello sir I am making an voltage doubler circuit at 2.45 GHz in ads 2009. In this I have chosen 100 pF capacitor and 10kohm load resistor. now I am designing a matching circuit using microstrip transmission line in ads. can u suggest me how to find the appropriate length and width of the microstrip (...)
Hi All. Say I have a PCB layout with RF Microstrip traces on it. Although the Allegro PCB designer is able to show trace impedance (50ohm in my case) by certain stack-up and trace width, am I able to do sort of simulation and maybe check S11 for my layout before sending it to fab? If so, what kind of tools (ads?) I can use and would you please kind
I am fairly new to ads, and I cannot find a clear answer on Google, Youtube, etc. Also first time poster in edaboard, so I appreciate any help you can offer me. I am trying to create a microstrip line with a complex impedance. Actually, all of the microstrip lines I am trying to design are purely imaginary (j*some number or -j*some (...)
Hi all, I am using ads 2012 in my circuit designs. However, for the PDK I am using, there is no transmission line libraries created already with this PDK. So, it is not quite convenient in schematic simulation as one needs to do EM simulation for each transmission line and uses the results in schematic (...)
RealAEL Sir, 1. If there are connection that cross in the schematic then there are going to have to be equivalent crossovers in the layout also. Creating all these connections on a single layer may be difficult and likely you will need to use a double-sided configuration circuit board. Yes, we have three crossovers in the schematic,can
Hi there. I have a problem concerning the "CPW" component in ads. It lies under the Tlines-Waveguide library. I have a 5.8 GHz microstrip patch antenna designed in ads Schematic Editor. A screenshot of the microstrip schematic is shown in this picture: 95478 Problem: I was trying to convert the microstrip an
Hi Experts, I am designing a basic LC Double mode resonator in ads which is able to resonate at 1.96 GHz. I have designed a basic circuit setup as shown in the picture attached. My Questions are as follows: 1. Since I am only modelling a cavity resonator, do i have to include transmission line parameteres. I have included them in my (...)
Hi Guys, I am having trouble making a quaterwave transmission line on a microstrip when I use my MBEND in ads. When I test on a straight transmission line I get of cause the correct result. If I try to put in some MBENDS in my schematic I hit the center frequency (3 GHz) smoothly IF the length on all (...)
Hi, Just started learning RFCD (and I will be doing PhD in this area, too !). Books say that transmission-line is a conductor pair. And this confuses me alot when I see a single ended idea transmission line (TLIN) in agilent ads. Kindly help me understand why and how they differ? Thanks. 88649[/A
Well, the substrate has a cover layer way below the metal 1 and it seems like the ads 2011 assigns the universal ground to that layer... (GND) Only if you have NOT assigned an explicit ground. So, how can i override this GND assignment? How do I confine my analysis of this transmission line to these
hi i want to design switched line phase shifter for 8X8 microstrip patch array antenna at 35GHZ using transmission lines. Can anybody give idea about how to design it in ads ?
I have some wide lines at OMN (up to 21mm width). At the transistor end, include a very short segment of transmission line with the width of your transistors leads. This is important to miodel the step in width between transistor lead and the wide patch.