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adsp 2181 , adsp bf533
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Hello Magnetra, if you would like to start with DSP I could suggest the Analog Devices 21xx series. Though it is an old architecture, it is easy to program both in C and assembly: I had the opportunity to work with adsp-2181 and personally I think that ADI assembly instruction set is the easiest to learn for a beginner, compared to Freescale (Mo
Hi fakhry2002 I used it several years ago for starting a project with the adsp-21xx family and I found it very nice. The code in its examples can be readily modified (mainly DSPand SoundPort initialization) for your specific application. Probably a problem if you plan to start a project based in this family is that the AD1847 (the on-board ADC-
for dsp programming of adsp 21xx enjoy
I am a rookie at DSP. Anyone can offer me simulator for adsp 21xx and some e-books or tutorials?
For audio application, you may use some more powerfull (cheaper) DSP. Try Analog Devices adsp-21xx family (16bit fixed point). Some of this chips are really low power, if you plan to use them in battery powered devices.