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Advantages Of Folded Cascode

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why compared with the other low voltage LNAs , the folded cascode structure has exclusive advantages in terms of linearity, power consumption, and the noise figure ? (I read this issue in one of the prestigious Journal which the reason is not given .) Please if someone can explain it.120087
The advantages have been correctly pointed out. This does come at the cost of reduced speed. But then for smaller technologies gain is a significant issue.
Hi, In the book Analog Integrated Circuit Design by Ken Martin,it says : The second major reason of the use of cascode stages is that they limit the voltage across the input drive trasnsistor.This minimizes any short-channel effects can any one explain me the above line? Thanks
What are the advantages and disadvantages of PMOS input folded cascode vs. NMOS input cascode amplifier? PMOS has smaller flicker noise. What else?