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For me it doesn't look like a printing machine. Printing machines have a paper path, either reel or sheet. I would also guess about RF related. Does anyone remember which company the ael logo stands for?
I have defined two parameters, Length and Layer where Layer is a string. The default layer is called L1_C1. In your cell, there is only one cell parameter defined for the length. There is no parameter for the drawing layer. At the moment, the polygon is drawn on layer 237 (ads_annotate).
Read on command line ael macro recording. start the recording, then carry all the actions listed above. stop the recording and copy, save it. do the final trimming for the commands that u may interest and run this script.
You can google for "extension ael"... k.
Hello, i have a script in ael which creates a circuit in layout window, then i would like to call this process from matlab and then drives a Momentum Simulation. I have read about links beetween matlab and ADS but only apears Ptolemy (for DSP). Anybody knows about it?
When I run Advanced designed system , a warning message is appeared "\\users\\default\\hpeesof\\circuit\\ael\\ael file not found" ? Could anyone tell me what this message means and how to solve the problem? Thanks in advance!
Hi, I'm a new ADS user (2005A). I got from a FAB their ADS models.For each component there are 4 types of files: ael, atf, bak and Data Source Name (it is not a ready made design kit) Could anyone tell me where I should place these files and what should I do to be able to use them? (or just refer me to the right user guide). Thanks, Roee
Hello I install TSMC PDK 1.2A in my ADS, but I can not use three componets MiMCap, JunVar, and INDS2_SYM_CT. When I select them, ADS prompt error message as (line 26, column 354 in prm) Undefined form "TSMC_CM018RF_form_inds2_std_type_W_6" used in prm(). C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\21.atf compiled ael file not loaded (...)
Hello I know ADS layout is not very good for silicon. You can draw layout in ADS but not extract devices and parasitic. (Cadence like Extraction is possible in ADS, but some ael macroses should be written.) ADS based on another concept. You can simulate layout in ADS using ADS momentum. But such upproach is good for (...)
Hi ADS is very good for simulation and analysis, but ADS layout is not good for silicon design like cadence layout. So ADS PDK is model files and icon pallete for access to models. You can write such PDK self if You have some experience with ael. It sims to be good simulate design in ADS, and prepare layout, extract parasitics in cadence
ADS seems does not support spice netlist. But they have some ael functions can help designer to develope their own interface.