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An ahb deadlock can occur in a situation for eg when a slave holds the hready signal permanently low. In such a case the design of the slave is faulty. As such the protocol does not enforce any quality-of-service or deadlock requirements. btw- You have posted this in the wrong sub-forum. It needs to be inside "ASIC Design Methodologi
FULL invert can be used to drive hready in write. Empty invert can be used to drive hready in read. But it would hold ahb bus for too long when fifo is full or empty. Or you can poll full/empty before do real write and read.
In page 5-3 there is a note that tells: "It is recommended that slaves do not insert more than 16 wait states, to prevent any single access locking the bus for a large number of clock cycles. " Can someone explain the implication of having a ahb-slave which may insert more than 16 wait-state other than system performance.
Hello to all...... If master asserts htrans as busy and in the same cycle slave gives hresp retry and hready low for the previous transfer as response then what should be the htrans in the secons cycle of retry.
Hello, I have a question about the hreadyOUT signal of an AMBA ahb slave: Is it allowable for the slave to drive the hreadyOUT signal low (hready <= '0') when it's not being addressed by any master? Or must it assert an hreadyOUT <= '1' when it's not being addressed. This is strictly a protocol (...)
I have a question about to implement ahb read data mux, or slave to master mux. ahb slaves have 3 kinds signals hready, hresp & hrdata muxed by read data mux. from specification, figure 3-2, this mux is controlled by decoder. From my understanding, it controls by hsel signals. My question is data phase lag address one clock, corrected read (...)
How do we connect different IPs (Master Slave) with arbiter using ahb BUS? Do we need to connect control signal of all IPs with arbiter. And how we can program arbiter Kindly give complete architecture thanks.
Hi, I am designing a multilayer ahb, and finding that it needs a lots of combinatorial paths, because it cannot be judged until the address phrases have been started whether more than one layer are accessing the same slave. Or it can be done to delay every transfer for one clock cycle with holding hready low, and surely this will cost a lot in e
AMBA ahb slave doesn't have input hready signal, it just output it , please check the amba spec at P79
hi ahb slave's input doesn't has hready signal, it output that signal, and the slave which output hready signal and arbiter take action depend on the signal(if the slave is selected)
Hi I have a problem with hready. When I try to access the registers of a slave on the ahb Bus I get a bus error. after probing the ahb signals I notice that hready comming out from this slave is always low. I could access other ahb slaves and APB slaves on the bus? What dose that means? Dose it mean (...)
not much talk about ahb??? Well, in case anyone still wants to know.... 1) It's an input and output, NOT inout. The slave samples the HADDR when HSEL is active and hready is inactive. 2) HGRANTx should be inactive on the last ADDR phase (which is the 2nd from the last DATA phase). Also, if the slave performs a split or retry, the ARB