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Can anyone pls help me how to implement mems capacitive shunt switch in HFSS.How to take design parameter and how to choose the air gap and also whether we put excitation or boundary to it in software..pls rply
To achieve an effective air gap of 0.1 mm with an ungapped core, you need a spacer of 0.05 mm thickness. By the way, what's the application of your inductor? Did you also calculate the saturation current?
Are you using air as substrate ? Interested of air you can also use low dielectric constant Foam materials.
For this to work within safe limits will require a really large air-gap of > 6 mm, depending on material type. With such large gap, your other problem may be the fill-factor. You won't be able to get the required number windings to fit on the bobbin.
How to calculate resonant patch length for aperture coupled patch? For certain Er value there are formulas to obtain patch sizes. If substrate is separated from ground plane by air gap, how Er is affected? I guess Er becomes smaller, and patch size must be increased to compensate for this effect. Is there any numerical solution?
Increasing the thickness and using an air gap can help increase bandwidth. Parasitic elements and multiple probes to feed the aperture can help too. I got a patch to 50% bandwidth but it was a chore as patches are usually narrow band. -10dB s11 seems to be the usual target over wide bandwidths. Waterhouse has interesting suggestions in his book
A standard inductor design procedure would first choose the core material depending on frequency and ripple magnitude, then select the core size according to stored energy 0.5*I?L. Then calculate air gap, wire gauge and number of windings. 15 kHz can be still handled by regular (thin) laminated iron.
On the pcb, we could separate the through-holes more than 5mm, but it will not change the fact that the leads coming out of the case have a distance along the surface of the package of ~5mm. 3.3kV seems like a lot for a 5mm spacing on the package. In fact, a gap of 5mm for 3KV seems too near in air, but we shoul
Current transformer with air gap? Very unusual. What do you want to achieve with it?
The inductance value seems factor 5 higher than usual. To make an inductor with sufficient saturation current, you'll either use a gapped ferrite core or a powder core which has a built-in distributed air gap. I presume that you won't like the core loss level generated by powder cores at 600 kHz, gapped ferrite is (...)
Pls, forum members i recently came across a paper online on how to optimize rectangular microstrip antenna using air gap technique. I have tried for more than two weeks without ant success, the design is in two phases. the first one is without air gap which i have uploaded the HFSS design here while i have no idea on how to (...)
Hi, To find gap-Map, using FDTD, for square lattice of dielectric coulumns in air, I choose the 'X' position in reciprocal lattice, while varying the radius of the rods. The result is good. But while considering the triangular lattice, I am a bit confused to choose the point in reciprocal lattice. Is it the 'M' or 'K'. Where the gap opens?
Hi, I'm planning to immplement suspended antenna design. I'm thinking the only difference between patch and suspended patch is the dielectric constant in patch changes because of additional air gap in suspended patch. Also, the width of dielectric changes. Please let me know if I'm heading in right direction. Regards
Hi I'm studying field radiated from spark discharge (air gap) by using CST simulation. Anybody know that this program including dielectric breakdown or not. becuase I try to simulate field radiation from spark discharge and then compare to another resreach.
For low frequencies like 17 kHz, laminated iron respectively cut tape core with air gap is usually the preferred solution.
What is the hotspot temperature rise at full load? What is the surface linear air speed? I suspect the eddy current losses are diminished with the 5mm thermal conductive dielectric gap. edit PQ35/35 has been discontinued since 2011 yet PQ40/40 is not. Cores must be burnished prior to assembly.
I believe you'll find many schematic drawings of a dynamic (moving coil) loudspeaker showing the magnetic path, e.g. The field in the air gap is in fact purely radial, in other words perpendicular to both the coil wire and speaker axis. So you can perfectly apply le
Energy is usually stored in precise air gaps for precision regulators. Otherwise gapless ferrite stored the energy between the magnetic particles which give a smaller effective gap that has much wider tolerances for saturation and thermal effects. Eddy current and skin effect losses can be improved with Litz wire (...)
Hi all i'm going to design an infinitesimal electric dipole above an infinite pec for height lambda/2.I'm going to earn figure 4.17 in antenna book,Balanis but the results aren't good at all.(VSWR and radiation pattern) i don't know how length i need for air gap in infinitesimal dipole?and don't know what is the problem? I'm using HFSS13 and d
A reasonable transformer design tool should give you core size and air gap, wire gauge and number of turns. Manufacturers of magnetic components, e.g. Coilcraft and Wuerth electronics have a number of catalog flyback transformers, you may find a type that roughly fits your specification.