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Hi, I have an alarm dialer device (MA80) works properly except dialing. - I tried to replace the dtmf generator (HT9200A) but it didn't work. When the alarm is activated by body motion, the telephone line becomes in use, but when I listen to phone I hear deep dialing tones (very low) which are unable to make a call... - If (...)
I am using AN MT8889CE CHIP for an alarm phone dialer.I have initialised it and written the program using its datasheet in microbasic but i don't know if the program is good and if im transmitting the dtmf tones.can anyone check my program for transmitting a '1'? program DTMF ' Declarations section 'WRITING AND DIALING NUMBER 1 USING MT
hello everyone ! iam doing a dialer alarm usign pic 16f887 and dtmf mt8880 tone generator the idea is when an alarm is triggered is send signal to pic and with the aid of dtmf it will make a call to number programmed to the pic ,,,,so far i still cant get the dtmf to work so still testing process ..iam having doubts and really (...)
hello everyone ! can any body tell me how to test the dtmf mt8880 ic with the aid of pic microcontroller is there a code or anything to see if the dtmf ic is transmitting any signal ??? for the record iam doing an alarm dialer using pic16f887 and mt8880 :s any help is appreciated ,
hi, my friends and i are planning to make a alarm phone dialer(alarm goes off, phone will call autmatically) for our project and we?d appreciate it if you could help us in schematic and coding.
What kind of hardware that some house alarm system uses to auto call out if the alarm activated? If you are asking about telephone call it, can be achieved using DTMF dialer
Did anyone build a standalone telephone dialer for burglar alarm without using computer.
Dear Friends Currently I am working on a Intruder alarm system project with auto-dialer facility. In our system we dial the remote user during security break-up, also we are giving facility to control the system using DTMF keys from the remote side. Now we are facing some problems: (1) Initially we designed the hardware, then we wrote the s to me telephone auto dialer for alarm system...