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I'm using Cyrrup's Vehicle Black Box as my Vehicle Tracking System which has an inbuild GSM tech build into it and also has some cool features like alcohol detection etc., Can you please help me which OBD device and GSM Controller is used in this device?
Isopropyl alcohol (or even ethyl alcohol; there are better uses for it) is the recommended solvent. IPA cleans solder fluxes very cleanly. If the PCB is visibly clean, you can even use distilled or deionised water (do not forget to blow dry) to clean it further. External bodies should be cleaned with a damp cloth- I routinely use damp paper towel
*Mild solvents to try first: glass cleaner alcohol turpentine mineral spirits * 'Hot' solvents (dissolves plastic) acetone lacquer thinner paint remover
Sounds like a moisture problem thru keyboard. Same symptoms happen to me from a small splash near power switch. If possible, flush keyboard and motherboard clean by pouring alcohol sitting then sitting on side for excess to drain with potential contaminant. May require a full large bottle flushed thru and drained thru left power side vents. Most
I think better this sequence: water, soap, isopropyl alcohol, air
You can use a liquid flux and hot air combination for desoldering. Also after the work you can clean the area where more liquid flux is there. You can use Isopropyle alcohol for cleaning it.
A new carbon film pad is 10-100 . An old one pressed too hard, too many times may be intermittent open. Wd40 has low residue and is good for metal switches, but I'm not sure about carbon. alcohol tends to have a residue in cheap isopropal stuff, but may work , but if thin film carbon is displaced... Then it has reached EOL.
Most modern cars run on ordinary pump gasoline or any mixture up to 85% ethanol (booze alcohol). The cars are labelled "flex fuel". Government taxes and gasoline manufacturers rip us off with high prices and it will also happen with ethanol. My pump gas has had 10% ethanol for years and its price keeps going up but the costs for raw oil or corn re
hello, im a student of computer engineering and im on my final year which we do have and implementation of our proposed is entitled alcohol DETECTION SYSTEM FOR CARS WITH GPS TRACKER.. my problem is on its schematic..please help me about the schematic diagram from the sensor to the pic18f452 or pic18f4620... the process is this,wh
Can you take a new photo in this particular area? :-D (I need more light/maybe try by changing camera angle/try to clean the PCB using some alcohol). The QN1 could be a IC, e.g. TL431.
use desolder wick (copper wire, not tinned) then clean with isoprop. alcohol + tooth brush Areas that should not be soldered may be covered with a polymer solder resist (solder mask) coating. The solder resist prevents solder from bridging between conductors and creating short circuits. Solder resist also provides some protection from the enviro
First of all you may wish to clean the laser lens with a Q-tip and some alcohol (brand cotton swabs that are dipped in alcohol). If you have already cleaned the optical pickup (“ laser diode”) then its can take it to get it fixed with a new CD mechanism probably.
I am trying interface mq3 sensor to the atmega8 i want to detect alcohol & show massage (alcohol is detected )on LCD(16*2) my connection is as follow PORT D =LCD DATA LINE PORT B PORT B0 = Rs(LCD) PORT B1 = Rw(LCD) PORT B2 = En(LCD) PORT C (ADC) PORT C2 (ADC 2)= LM35 TEMP SENSOR PORT C3 (ADC 3)= MQ3 (...)
I'm afraid that solt water is the worst for electronic in combination of power supply. You should not connect the power supply until you open the camera, you clean the boards into 95% alcohol and you dry everything. Unfortunately because of the cappiliar effects the water can penetrate in small places and it's hard to be removed from there. I would
hi!! merry Christmas,,, before i enjoy this holiday,, i have some projects in school that i need to finish,,, i need some help,,, how to interface MQ3 alcohol sensor to an RF id,,,, and can u help me where will i can buy a mq3 alcohol sensor,,, hope that this post will be a threading topic,,, pls. help, thank you and *** bless,,,
someone please help me to find alcohol Detector With SMS circuit .. :sad:
Generally Kerosene is used to remove bitumen ,and for cleaning PCB most people use alcohol
@John Is there any advantage to Ethyl? and why do you add the acetone? I typically use 63/37 leaded solder with mildly activated rosin flux. A principle component in rosin flux is abietic acid (Abietic acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ). I use ethanol, because I
Tartaric acid (cream of tartar) and acetic acid (vinegar) may work if used in solution and gently brushed around the leads. You could also try a commercial liquid copper cleaner if it's safe for tin. The area should be rinsed thoroughly with water followed by alcohol after treatment. Re-tin and solder immediately after drying. If you manage to get
Did the alcohol evaporate off too quickly? I use surgical spirit (I'm not too sure if surgical spirit is the same as IPA) or a flux remover pen, if you just have board to clean then a cleaner pen might be useful to you (might be a bit expensive - ?10~?14 in the UK). You could try the IPA on a cloth instead of a brush. I find the spray flux cleaner