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Hello, my name is alexander Malin and I've started a very small Kickstarter campaign called rLogic. The Kickstarter page explains everything, but essentially rLogic is any logic gate you want it to be just by changing the location of a shunt (Jump
Unfortunately you are only posting scarce code snippets, you we can't see what you are exactly doing. Viewing these snippets, I get the impression that you are operating the stepper motor completely wrong. E.g. switching the stepper off is a no-no because it most likely causes loss of position. I think, alexander's game of questions and answe
Hello!! everybody.. anyone should have service manual of this TV Sharp alexander Slim TV Model: 21V-FS900S Share please....:grin::grin: Thanks in Advance..
Hi All, I am reading alexander Chenakin's Building a Microwave Frequency Synthesizer?Part 4: Improving Performance and saw a dual loop pll topology (Fig. 47) and DDS spur reduction (Fig.41 in the article). I couldn't find any specific designs with DDS+ dual loop pll topology (schematic+ performance data). Can anybody point a refenece? Tha
Start by looking at CDR (Clock and Data Recovery) circuits like the alexander or Hogge-Shin.
The topic is treated in text books, e.g. Power Quality in Electrical Systems by Kusko, alexander and Thompson, Marc T. Power Quality in Electrical Systems (McGraw-Hill) doi:10.1036/0071470751
Dear Group, I am developer of TCL for EDA project, presenting TCL usage in Synthesis, STA, DFT and Functional Verification. 63805 Please find the project under "Freeware" menu at SPARKEDA : Design Verification Solutions Best Regards, -alexander
Hi there how can I find the following paper: Characterization of negative refraction with multilayered mushroom-type metamaterials at microwaves Chandra S. R. Kaipa, alexander B. Yakovlev, and Mário G. Silveirinha can anyone help? thanks
Has anyone ever experienced a compatibility problem between HFSS v12 and HFSS 11? When I try to open a v12 file with v11 it returns an I/O error. I am not sure if it is due to an error in the orginal file or to a compatibility issue. Thanks a lot, alexander
Hi, i'm trying to learn electronics by myself. I've learned Ohm's law, KVL, KCL, Nodal and Mesh analysis, Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors (series, parallel), etc. I'm reading Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, by alexander and Sadiku, but there is one problem... I don't understand Op Amps, and there's nothing about diodes. For example, i want s
alexander, ITU defines NGN as all packet network......???? What u say is NGN combines.... But can NGN itself be non IP based
what do u mean by "makes FFT for certain function" ? yes please , or certain o/p from simulation
Hi Radio Frequency (RF) and wireless have been around for over a century with alexander Popov and Sir Oliver Lodge laying the groundwork for Guglielmo Marconi?s wireless radio developments in the early 20th century. The most prominent of his experiments was in December, 1901 where he successfully transmitted Morse code from Cornwall, E
1.Fundamentals of Adaptive Filtering by Ali H. Sayed 2.Adaptive Filtering Primer with MATLAB by alexander D. Poularikas 3.Adaptive Signal Processing Paperback by Bernard Widrow The first one iis a very good book...
u cannot , a special PD must be used as it alligins the phase and not like PFD which lock to the frequency PD used for CDR are as alexander and hogg , refer to razavi's optical communication book for more details Can u explain to me how clock can be extracted random data bit stream? Is it need sample and hold circ
Hi i am badly in need of solution manual of circuit theory book by sedra and alexander?
Can alexander phase detector have a dead zone as that in PFD/CP , if so what is the reason and how to decrease or remove it. If anyone has some resource discussing this issue in alexander PD or Bang-Bang PD please upload it.
Hi, I need Optical communication receiver design by alexander. If anybody has that e-book or the book(living in US) please e-mail me to Thank You
Hi, the full name of the book is Andrei D. Polyanin and alexander V. Manzhirov HANDBOOK OF INTEGRAL EQUATIONS and it has been posted in 2004. There is not any recent post of the same book (it may have been deleted) flyhigh