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OrCAD16.6 - In Capture using 3 MOSFET assigned footprint TO3 (standard in \pcb_lib\symbols\ TO3.dra). When jumping to allegro pcb editor trying to use the QuickPlace tool, all my schematic parts are placed on top corner except the 3 MOSFET TO3.
I am not an OrCAD DB expert, but I think that, prior to 16.4 or so, the OrCAD pcb editor (both standard and Pro versions) was a separate product and not fully compatible with the allegro flagship product version. They are now all capable of working with/opening each others' designs (though the pcb editor (...)
Hi, I am looking to convert an .brd file for use in Altium for a student project. I tried using the method on the Altium website but it did not work. The link for reference is posted below. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank.
Hello, I'm not sure if I have a windows compatibility issue here. I used to work with ANSYS Designer and HFSS importing board files (*.brd) from allegro pcb editor and the software recognized the board without problems. It's been a few months since I had done this for the last time and back then I had Windows 7. Now I'm using Windows 10 (...)
Hi, I'm trying to learn Cadence pcb editor allegro GXL and Design Entry HDL 16.6. I searced for sample multilayer schematic and board files which are in same .cpm project, but i couldn't find. If you have any project file (.cpm-both schematic and layout files of same project in Cadence) or any idea and share, i will be happy. Thank you
Hello friends I am new for pcb editor in allegro . I want to create geber file in allegro but it show after procceing No DRC errors detected. Updated DRC errors: 0 Done dbdoctor. Checking db records checking for orphans... Checked 5 percent Checked 10 percent Checked 15 percent (...)
Hi Can anyone tell me hoe to open orcad layout with allegro pcb editor. When I use CAD translator in Cadence 16.6 version it gives the following error. ERROR (Layout To allegro pcb Design), Fatal error processing MAX file...see LAYOUT.LOG for information. Thanks in Anticipation.
you have *.max file( layout plus file) or *.brd file ( allegro pcb editor file)? for *.max you can save it as a template file and load the new netlist in to this template
Hi! I'm trying to create a netlist with Capture to transfer my project to pcb editor,but I have one error: ERROR(SPMHNI-175): Netrev error detected Can anyone help me with it? I think,that the reason maybe is that some of the references of my components appear underlined For example: 118115
Is Cadence allegro pcb layout software available for download? I am looking for the eval or the limited or demo version.
Dear all, Please help me to set blind and burried vias in allegro pcb design
How to deactive interactive command in allegro pcb editor
Hello. I have made footprints for a Arduino Mega 2560 R3 in pcb editor. I want it mounted on the back of the board, but the only solution I know to put it on the other side of the board is to mirror the component. When I do this, the component mirror and drill holes are completely wrong. Therefore, I wondered if there is a solution for this, by tur
Hello, I create a connector FPC using Package symbol (wizard) de allegro pcb editor but I got finally a symbol amazing (see photo attached). I don't see the pads properly in the symbol but I can see the pad in 3D. I have turned on all color layers. Have you see the same problem ? Thanks
Hello, i am facing problem without fan out feature of auto router in allegro pcb editor. the through hole component should be connected to plane without via but auto router is using separate via for its connection to plane. images of before auto routing and after auto routing are attached. please advise
you can download lot of video regarding allegro
Hi :razz: Does anyone know if there is a tutorial on Autoplace with allegro? 8-O Best regards
Hi, 1.First create the Netlist (Tools-->Create Netlist) , Pop-up menu will be shown in your window then select allegro icon,then select the path (Net list Directory) after that select the view output. you can view the output (3 file will be generate like pstxnet.dat,pstxprt.dat,pstchip.dat) pcb editor and then assign the footprint (...)
Hi, is just that i have no idea how to relate a line with a net in allegro pcb editor, it keeps showing me that the lines ar not in a net, how could i solve this, i need help, thanks in advanced.
Hi, is just that i exported a pcb into allegro pcb editor, but i haven't been able to assign nets to vias, line segments or pads, how do i assign nets, rename nets and solve refdes???? pleas help, thanks in advanced.