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Hello, I've been designing a pcb with an RF chip. There's a few polygon pours around the board and I want to place another one, a whole Ground, over the whole board to fill the rest gaps. I set the polygon's order to lowest, because it's over the rest polygons and everything looks good. Gaps are now filled with the "ground polygon" The (...)
Hi all, I am working on a pcb. I would like to panelize it without using the panelizing tool of altium, just with copy and paste. When I do that, the altium alter components' designators and add module number to the end of the component number. for example, C1 become C1-1 My question is how can I disable (...)
I am a Electrical engineer and have over 3 and half years of experience of professional pcb Designing.I gained wide exposure on all aspects of pcb layout expertise is on altium Designer, Eagle,PADS,P-CAD and Allegro. I worked with many local and international clients (...)
I've had no problem deleting components with Orcad, Mentor, or altium. But I think 'ease of deleting library components' is way down on the list of features that make a pcb package desirable.
I have a polygon on each layer of entire pcb and if I have a hole in the middle of polygon, altium automatically creates a space/margin from hole to polygon. Very nice, but I want to do the same with Routing tool track on a Mechanical layer, I can use Polygon cutout, but thats needs way extra work to walk around the tool path with a margin. (...)
Hello , how or better in what simulate and optimize RF pcb trackt on pcb? pcb is createt in altium Designer. Why do I ask? I must create a low cost pcb (FR4 2layer ) with 50ohm track on power 75W. I'd like to see what will be where the impedance and loss. For example, (...)
^- This indeed could be at least part of the problem, especially if you had some composite parts (such as separate inverter gates represented in the schematic) for a single HC04. Another issue could be related to copper pours/polygons that may have been assigned to a net and used to connect pins on the net, instead of distinct traces. Alot was cha
Surprise! altium has tutorials on their products. Who would have thought? You could have even tried a Google search for something like, oh, I don't know, "altium tutorial".
Hello buddies! I have a pcb design in front of me which is elaborated with Cadstar. However I am using altium and I am not able to import it. So I need to convert this file from .pcb to .cpa. Anyone can give me a hand with this?? Thanks in advance. - - - Updated - - - Problem solved. I have already con
allegro only supports exporting .dxf, .idf, .ipf... (does not support .alg). you can do it using altium but you need to have Allegro installed at the same computer.
Dear fellow members, this post is a request if someone is able to convert the two attached allegro pcb files to ASCII (*.alg) or altium (*.pcbdoc) and upload or attach the converted files. I would like to use them in altium, but unfortunally i don't have Allegro so i can't import them. Thanks for the (...)
I have custom names for some mechanical layers, but I have to rename them for every pcb which is kind of annoying. Is there a way to change the default names ? Also when I fabricate the gerber X2 files, it changes the layer names back to normal like mechanical1-N. But it doesn't have the new name. Eg. if I rename "Mechanical1" to "XYZ" and fabr
While giving netlist in altium designer 6.6, one pin of the IC remains not connected on pcb although it is connected to GND in schematic. I came to know about this error after troubleshooting n board itself. Even this error also not shown in DRC. Can anyone please explain how this type of errors can be corrected or reason for this error?
There is no BEST pcb software. They ALL have annoying bugs/features. I've used OrCAD, DxDesigner (Mentor), and altium. OrCad is, IMO, the easiest. DxDesigner and altium are powerful, but sometimes all those features get in the way of ordinary tasks. For example, the most common thing you're EVER going (...)
This is because those pads are not the same net, when you want to connect two different net together altium DXP prevents because it is a "Rule Violation" good solution is that you go back to schematic and connect these pad in schematic and update them to pcb, so everything will be correct and you have no (...)
How much "high" frequency ?? altium is not a good pcb package for RF circuits which need Transmission Lines, Microwave Elements such as Lange Couplers, Sheet Filters etc. Cadence Allegro+RF Option is a good choice for these types of layouts but it's quite expensive.
How what is done? Using altium? They've got plenty of tutorials on their website. Do you mean pcb design in general?
Hello, I am a professional pcb designer skilled in altium, CadSoft Eagle and KiCAD, looking for remote or in home jobs. Can anyone guide me on that? I can make multi-layer designs in any of the design softwares.
Have a look on the following tutorial, which is not properly on the DRC scope as you did:
Hello, The following youtube video.. says that altium is giving away a free version of altium schematic editor and symbol library editor. Do you know where i can download it.?