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I have been trying to merge 2 different PCB layout designs into a single PCB file for the purpose of modification but have been unsuccessful. These are the steps which i have attempted thus far. >>Export PCB designs into autocad formats>>create library schematic and library PCB>>import autocad formats into PCB libraries>>attach footprints of PCB
Hi, I am using altium designer Summer 2009 for PCB Designing. I want to import a hatch pattern from a autocad DXF file to AD Summer 09 PCB file. I also want this imported hatch pattern should automatically get its respective net list in PCB file. Can any one help me for this topic ????
hello everybody I'm an electronic engineer and to be honest with you I don't know anything about autocad. I need to design 3d boxes for our product and Import them to our board designer software (it's altium designer). the software claimed that it can import DXF and DWG. I just know that they are from autocad but which version should I (...)
Mentor Graphics and Cadence are very expensive tools.I recommend altium if you wil design RF boards.But if you have an intention to design Microwave boards, you can also consider "Cad Design" based on autocad.
hi microwave 123 Solved,only protel dxp (altium) import it. tnx
The best way to solve the problem is open the DXF in autocad and save it back in DXF. Personally I wrote a program to generate the shapes in altium PcbDoc format directly from my software.
There is some methods to import autocad / altium PCB DXF to ADS. So you should 1st draw the picture in altium. I try to import DXF file into ADS, but failed. Maybe someone ih this forum know how to do it.
I think this is simply the way altium exports it. The file size in altium is smaller for the solid polygon.
Ok, here is what I did. It appears protel does not like the native dxf file. (This will happen when exporting dxf from certain tools) 1. Opened dxf in autocad 2. scaled drawing to .001 inches (It appears the scaling is way off for this dxf) 3. re-saved as dxf from autocad 4. pulled into altium. (protel) This will get the filter (...)
The DWG/DXF import works very well in altium Designer. The things that can make an import easier are to make sure your drawing origin is such that the entire drawing is in the first (positive) quadrant. altium Designer workspace is 100inches by 100inches with the origin at (0,0) - your drawing must fall in that region. Depending on the complex
Hello, are there professional engineering softwares under linux? Especially 1- Routing programs comparable to altium designer 6.5 2- AVR chip C compilers comparable to CodeVision 3- CAD programs comparable to autocad