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This picture is a schematic from Eagle. Can I do the same with altium? I mean assigning a net with multiple name like this : 132045
I was looking for a rule to identify them so the DRC covers such errors. I never used that, but are you aware of the Query Builder feature ?
i need to replicate the pcb layout with or without routing for 12 times,kindly help for this.
To define a differential pair on the schematic, you need to do two things: 1) Place the differential pair directive symbol on both lines (positive and negative) in the differential pair. The differential pair directive can be added using the menu Place > Directive > Differential Pair 2) The two nets that form the pair should be named with suffix
Hi There, Please help me, I just added polygon on a certain area on the board and suddenly some tracks somewhere completely away from I poured that polygon went crazy and giving me error because of the track width. Also I tried to delete the track width rule and could not delete it. I tried to restart altium and the whole PC and nothing is work
Hi, I'm getting a "duplicate net names bus slice" error. I would like to use a sheet symbol multiple times, something like the attached. It is, essentially, a repeat (which altium recognizes and creates the correct channel repeats). How can I name these buses (there are 6 sheet symbols like this) such that the error is
Hello all, I am creating a Pcb with altium Dxp for the first time. Simple issue: The default clearance rule on the board specifies 8mil. See here: 86034 This is fine for everything on the board except for some nets which will carry higher voltage, for which I would like to set the clearance to 16mil. I have created the
altium has options to let higher level net names take priority, let power port names take priority. It does not, unfortunately let you decide in what order these options take effect. Some Aussie programmer just went off and assumed on your behalf that if both are checked that you MUST have wanted net >> (...)
the only way no assign a net name in altium is to place a net label. But you would have to do this for every net. You could generate a netlist in text format from your schematics and then use a text editor to globally change the names.
If you can post an image of relevant to you question, we would be able to understand you better then give you a sound advice. Can you do that for us? For the mean time, you can read about the basics of Hierarchical designs in altium using this link: Multi-Channel Design C
What I have understand of ports in altium is that they are used for hierachicl connections to top sheet. If you do not want to use net label than you can to use off page connector(exact name I do not remember but it looks like "->>" and "<<-").
hello, I have a surface mount component (8-pin soic) in altium with a thermal pad in the middle, the thermal pad in the footprint has 4 thermal vias in it. I need to connect these to my ground plane, but I'm getting several errors, and it wont connect. I'm getting Clearance Constraint Errors from the via to the pad, and short circuit constrai
Hello, I have a problem under altium. I linked the TOTO signal of a component to GND and now on my PCB, all my GND have been named TOTO....:cry: Thank you for your help, Alex
Hi guys, Can u describe the steps to make a new component in the library. I already made the footprint and the schematic of the component. Do I need to compile it when its finish? Kind regards, Jo Added after 2 hours 49 minutes: I made a new schematic component. But the pin names are shown out
Hello, Please in a summer project ad i need help, the problem with altium is an ERROR that shows " Dulpicate net names Element " this appear when i used a BUS and the is a wire that come from this BUS, and the net name is A0 used in two différent sheet, please help me, thanks,
You can't print the net labels that are shown on the pads in altium Designer except by using screen capture as you have done for the picture you posted. You can get a PDF with links to the nets by using SmartPDF. It creates an index that will zoom the PDF display to the object when you click on the net (...)
hi do you know how can set net label in pad logic and i eco my schematic to layout design but unlike other software such as protel or altium designer it doesn't place the name of the terminal or pad and it's net i cannot find how to show this in layout can you help me thank
Hey, would someone know how to place PORT in eagle (like in altium, see the red ellipsis on the screenshot). Thanks !
hi. is it possible to define the net/component classes in the schematics level? if yes, how to do that? because if i import changes from sch, in the pcb, then it wants to remove all my net classes and component classes. i have to switch off these in the differences list, but if i miss it, then it makes big troubles on the PCB.