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I'm trying to create a custom pad for a FET, however, the custom pad area "polygon" is not connected to the pad placed as seen in 3D View. I made this part by following the altium directions to create an outline, followed by Tools>Convert>Create Region from Selected Primitive. I then assigned this to the top layer followed by placing a pad towa
Hi, I need to make a 15cmx20cm PCB using altium but I don't know how to change the board size. I tried Design >> Board Shape >> Define from selected objects but I don't know what sould I do next. And how to change the dimention into cm? Thank you so much.
Hello All, I am pretty much new to altium Designer and just started to use it to design PCB. , Whenever I run the DRC, I always encounter the silk to board region clearance error. It gives me the message: Silk to Board Region Clearance (Out of Silk Screen Region) Text "" (-138.33mm,-2.3mm) Top Overlay Silk Primitive on Board without silk screen.
you can draw any shape in altium. example you can use "Place>Full circle" command for circle. You can make Arc, straight line, etc., Make sure you have selected a net from the object property menu(By double clicking the object). Another way, you can import 2D outline from anyother software in DXF format and pour "polygon" inside the layout. Dr
I am printing a 2-page fabrication drawing: Page one is the board/drill guide, and page two is just the fab notes and stack-up. The board outline is printed on both pages , even though my "board outline" mechanical layer isn't one of the layers selected to print for page 2. Is there a way to turn that off for? Thanks!
Hi everyone, right now i am learning altium tool. i need some short cut for following commands how to add board outline ? Routing short cut ?? add copper short cut ?? multiple trace routing short cut ?? add via ?? - - - Updated - - - Find the components ? Zoom in and Zoom out ??
I need to define areas where nothing will be placed, including polygon pours, but which don't get routed. The keepout layer works perfectly on the screen, but the manufacturer will rout big holes in my boards. I thought I could do it with a mech layer, but I can't define clearance rules for other layers. I can define poly cutouts, but it's clunky,
I'm having an issue trying to move my entire finished pcb board. I can select all and move but it gives me a warning about locked primitives. I click ignore and move the entire board but a lot of traces are deleted to vias, to much work to re-route. Is there any way to move the board around without any issues or make a copy of the board and past
Dear friends, I want to create SMD mountable daughter boards for my PCB'S. I am using altium designer & want to know how to create Castellated SMT pads using altium... Is there any special setting available to make this kind of pads? Regards Udhay
I had a similar problem while i am placing connector footprints close to each other on altium . I just go to Tools>Preferences , PCB Editor , DRC Violations Display menu found component clearance and disabled violation overlay . But it took half an hour to find out , altium is verye good tool but sometimes it makes me crazy :)
altium has its own Smart PDF creator use that you can even customise it. for more details see
i draw a circle board altium . have a problem. i want to covering with copper on top layer and connect NET - GND. İ did it ULTIBOARD i used power plane. but i did not it at altium. How can i cover top layer at altium ?
Draw the board outline in MECHANICAL layer in altium. Generate the mechanical gerber along with the other layers and send it to pcb fabricator. This should solve your problem. -Nishal
Hello, I am using altium for PCB designing. For manufacturing Double sided PCB we require Top & Bottom layer & drill file. I am first created Gerber file of Double sided it Creates CAMtastic file of Top & Bottom I am taking Print by using PDF creator (Scaled print & scale is 1.0 & A4 size paper). I am successful to give PDF files
Hi I using a split power plane in altium - everything was fine until I decided to make the board larger. Now I have a gap in the power plane where the old board outline used to be and the old power plane. How do I get it to make the old power plane continuous again. Using rebuild split planes does not seam to work. This is driving me mad as
Hello, I'm using altium 10 and I needed to resize my board outline. I redefined the board shape by selecting Design>Board Shape>Redefine board shape. I digged all the vertice's plus my new ones and reset my origin. The modified board shape came in but my old board shape is still there. I enlarge my board at the bottom and can still see the old bott
I've just tried to create a round PCB in altium (10) and it's worked fine. First I select Place->Full Circle Then with the circle selected choose Design->Board Shape->Define From Selected Objects Result looks perfect. 62596 62597 Importing of DXF I believe can be troublesome for altium. You may n
Hello, I want to specify the minimum distance between lines on a mechanical layer. There is no problem to do that between signal layers but I couldn't find any rule for mechanical layers. I need it because some components from my library have the outline on mechanical 15 layer and it would be handy to have a rule that doesn't allow to put them
Hello, 1st to say I'm new user of altium, I've been using OrCAD ~5 years. I converted my OrCAD *.LLB libraries to altium and see that every footprint has text strings .Designator in Top Overlay and .Comment in Mechanical 1. I would expected that this kind strings are symbolic and will be replaced by specific designator and value when I place my co