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Hello, I'm just routing a simple board with SigFox TD1207 module and antenna. PCB 2 layers, thickness=1.6mm, copper layer=0.018mm (top and bottom) I need to control impedance line for antenna, must be 50 Ohms, on the bottom layer GND plane. I'm using altium, specify a PCB Rule (impedance = 50Ohms), but it seems doesn't work, trace width
Hi, this is my very first time doing 4 layers PCB layout. What is actually the difference between Micro Via and Burried Via? Say I have Layer 1, Layer 2, Layer 3, Layer 4. What I know I use the Through Via for Layer 1 as start layer and Layer 4 for Stop Layer. And how do I use the Micro Via and Burried Via? Last question, what about the Drill Pair
Therefore, it is really feasible to replace a "Ground plane" layer in altium with a user defined grounded polygon pour with respective shape in corresponding area? All consideration with that is to have exploited one more layer for a few traces beyond the high frequency areas. PS: thanks for your replies!
Does any one know if there is a feature in altium Designer 15 or can someone recommend filter "line" to easily detect the following case: * High Speed track as microstrip that has a segment that run over discontinuity in reference plane (example running over a gap on the split plane reference or large polygon voids created by some high (...)
Hello, I'm designing a multilayers board with top, bottom (Signal) and two mid planes(Power plane and GND plane). My doubt is if I will have a problem with the bluetooth and wifi modules because these planes? In the "Power plane" I left a separate area of plane split with "No Net" for (...)
Hi all, I've a problem with altium 15 at the end of PCB routing: Once routing was done, a "from-tos" line (one ratsnest) remain on the screen. It link an object connected with VDD (smd pad, or also a with a via through power plane (VDD)) with something that resides off-screen. No way to see what kind of object is because the line go away from
Can someone help me figure out why altium disconnects my plane from the net I already assigned it to ??? Specially split planes; I mean that is a pain in the a$$ to redo ! Please help ! Thanks so much.
I want to separate some power ground traces from the ground plane when doing pouring. In the design rule, I selected "net" and chose the "gnd" net and set the same net clearance of "trace" to 0.2mm. But when doing pouring, the ground traces are still covered by the ground plane. In Allegro or altium, it is much easier to set the same net (...)
hii all, I am facing a problem in altium designer internal plane. In my design bottom side of antenna is free from copper(top&bottom) even internal plane(GND&PWR) also connected to no net. This antenna part is separated from other part of the circuit by a thick line in both GND and PWR plane,other part of the (...)
hi, i am trying to export my antenna design from hfss to altium by converting it into dxf file but when i opened it into altium got error msg i asked someone for doing this and he chnged it into gerber file but when i import that file my design was fully changed i have attached both figures in hfss and altium, it is so comlicated design (...)
How to switch and place via between signal layer and plan layer in altium? I switch between signal layers with "*" ; How do I switch between all layers(plane and signal)?
Hello, I'm working with altium Designer 10. In my PCB stackup I added a GND plane. I would like to edit the shape of this GND plane but I didn't found any option in altium to help me make this, whereas, I could make this easly when I use a polygon plane? Does someone manage to edit the shape of a GND (...)
Hi There, I am designing 4-Layer PCB on altium and having hard time in pouring polygon. Simply I have two internal planes for Vcc and GND and I want to pour polygons on each of them with the right net. But when I try to choose the right Layer which the polygon will be poured on I can not find it. All I can find the Top, Bottom and Mechanical Lay
Hello, First off I would like to say i'm new to these boards and to using altium. I am using altium Designer 14.2. I have created a schematic, and started my layout using the PCB import wizard. The board i'm working on is a 2 layer board, which I plan on using the bottom layer for ground. My problem is that there is no ground net in the ne
Hi I am a beginner in designing multilayer PCBs. I use altium 14. The problem is that after adding layers in Layer Stack Manager, I cant connect an internal plane to a net such as GND or VCC. There isn't any option for this purpose In Layer Stack Manager!
Hello , I am using altium 10 and use internal plane as ground plane, however, I want to split the power plane into different shape instead of a whole rectangle plane, do you know how could I do it? I select the resplit current layer but I can not split it at all. Thanks
try the .stp or step format. looks like it's on the export list for altium and on the import list for cst.
Hi All, can anyone tell me how to generate a copper pour/ plane so that they connect through thermal ties only on smt pads and full connected(no thermals) with via and through holes Thanks in advance Regards
Hi there, first i want to thank all of you because i found here a help for all problems that i face in altium , now i want to know what is the best for me in my design , Make GND and Power Signal layers OR GND and Power planes and what is the difference , i'm working on 8 layers (Pcb Design ) #thanks
I'm trying to figure out how to make a rule in altium that specifies the clearance between any differential pair line and any polygon plane. I want to set the 20 mil space between trace edge and plane edge specified for PCI-E signals. The problem is that I can't figure out how to make a query that only targets differential pairs. If I could (...)

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