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If you want to master Proteus in full, it will take more effort I think. Proteus includes a simulation engine which is not part of Eagle as far a I know. I tried Eagle Pro and there were some things I didn't like in comparison to altium. One of my friends really like doing layouts with Proteus and hates altium. altium (...)
Proteus VSM have a lot of models already installed. Just place and run. altium, LTspice and any other that support modeling can use external models, but bit compicated compare to first one.
Hi, PCB is designed using altium software and now I want to do its EM simulation in HFSS 16.2 software. Can anyone suggest me in which format should I export PCB layout from altium software for the HFSS? Please suggest !!!!
I'm using altium Designer 16.0 I'm quite new to altium Designer. First, I learned schematic and PCB design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in altium Designer. I found some tutorial pages in its official website: Component, (...)
I'm using altium Designe 16.0 I'm quite new to altium Designer. First, I learned schematic and PCB design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electonics circuit that contains few integrated circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in altium Designer. I found some tutorial pages in its (...)
'm using altium Designer 16.0 I'm quite new to altium Designer. First, I learned schematic and PCB design basics. Now I'm trying to simulate my electronics circuits which contains integrated circuits I've been searching on the net to find out how to do simulation in altium Designer. I found some tutorial pages in its (...)
HI I have a problem with altium designer 10 with a pspice model for OPA317 opamp. I have downloaded the pspace model it was txt file then I saved it as ckt file, and i added it to my project as existing file i used the ckt file as a simulation model file for op-amp OPA317 but at the end it is not working correctly the same circuit was work
altium 10 did SI stimulus without problems. i was giving all parameters and set the stimulus rule to periodic and everything is well in SI simulation. but in altium 14.1 i am doing the same thing but SI simulation still sticks to it's default frequency (60ns period )and single pulse option. tried everything. nothing worked (...)
Apparently the discussion is no longer referring to altium Designer related problems. Thread closed. Bad enough that it has been started in two parallel threads with mostly same topic. Please continue the discussion in this thread
I have a problem with altium designer 15 with a pspice model for a diode. I have downloaded the pspace model and saved it as a ..ckt. it is in the project file under advancedsim sub circuits. now when altium look for it can't find it. In my sim model popup the model name is correct, searches for any but can't see my .ckt pspice file. Can anyon
Hello guys. I'm new to electronic design, but i just got into simulation. So to keep the question short basically i localized my problem to a specific component i use in altium designer. It's an IRL2203N mosfet. Because i did try several things with no avail i just made a simple schematic and the problem now is very clear. I get a 2.35V drop acros
Do you have the application and formula in your mind and just want know to program? 112399 Input Base current, Supply voltage, hFE ( and tolerance) , load resistance all determine Q point for Vce
hi every body I'm new in FPGA. but I've worked on altium pcb and schematic a lot. but not the FPGA design yet. I know that it's possible to simulate an FPGA design in altium but still have some simple questions: Would it be possible to simulate an FPGA with peripheral circuits? I mean another parts like digital ICs or transistor , resistor or .
Mr. Muehlhaus thanks for fast reply... ok I understand "PCB tool != RF simulation software" thing. Forgive me the questions I asked with my limited PCB experience. What is your recommended tool to design RF multilayer PCB up to 6 GHz Thanks in advance altium is good PCB design software but it's not dedicated to pure R
Hello I am using altium designer to simulate a current booster circuit but the program is too slow and even if I make the step bigger still slow the program make the Pc don't respond at all until it finish the simulation any hint or advice is appreciated thanks in advance
Hello. What's the best software to draw and simulate electric circuits with contactors, relays, and some other automation? There are some specialized programs, such as Eplan or Elcad, they look nice and I think they are even 3D but most of them don't perform electrical simulations. Other software such as altium, Orcad, Proteus are good for
I'm not familiar with altium designer 10 but it apparently has a built-in Spice simulator. You need to view their training videos and perhaps go through a training course to become familiar with that.
Hi all, I am using altium 13.3. When trying to run a simulation, I keep on getting this error message: 'Gnd Spice reference net (specified in setup options) is not in the schematic.' Could someone tell me what I am missing ? TIA Phil - - - Updated - - - never mind, I've got the solution: I add a GND/VCC
hi i know this one may have been thrown around alot but i would like to know version specific if altium designer 14 or orcad16.6 has better simulations and simulation tools
Hi all. Is it possible to simulate MCU (like AVR, or STM32) in altium designer? Regards.
Hello World:-), how i can simulate AVR microcontroler in altium Designer software?
You are asking about microcontroller co-simulation. The feature isn't provided by the SPICE simulator implemented in altium Designer. Co-simulation for AVR is available with Proteus.
its from protel or altium. but are you playing with people?
hi guys i have been playing around awhile with orcad 16.6 and finding some of the simulations have alot of bugs in them. I was wondering can altium designer 13.2 can do any better and can it tell you dc bias levels over passive components like the voltage drop over resistors like orcad
there are many software for design it depend on you like and depend on you flexible to learn it.... -PCB designing: there are Eagle altium Mentor Graphics Cadence Allegro Zuken Orcad Proteus Protel
Hi experts I want to create a spice model for a new created device in altium, is it possible to create a subcircuit in altium that helps simulate my newly created components in altium designer, only what I find for simulation are elementary devices such as the diode the transistor or the resistor and I couldn't find the (...)
hi guys i was wondering what you guys thought about if orcad altium designer is better for circuit simulation and pcb design
I'm using altium Designer I'm trying to simulate a very simple 555 clock generator circuit as a "Hellow world" project. I need ".mdl" or ".ckt" simulation model files to do simulation. There is no simulation model file in the "\Library" directory. There isn't any model files for even simplest integrated circuits. (...)
Hi! I'm learning the ropes evaluating altium and got stuck doing the following: - I wanted to create a component including footprint and simulation models for an IC that includes 2 non-identical parts: a PNP and NPN transistor pair. I have the manufacturer's info, including the spice models for both transistors:
Hi All, I am working as consultant and i am required to design a new DSP board using the TI DM8xx processor. I have done design and simulation using the altium for ARM9 Samsung S3C24xx, LPC 22xx processors but this DSP hardware design is new to me. I don't know how to proceed in this as i am doing this design for very first time. I would appreci
The problem is that you exporting a PCB file and not the simulation models from altium. You will need to create a .REF or a .QPL in Hyperlynx so you do not need to re assign it every time you load a .HYP file.
use altium for multilayer PCB design and Hyperlynx and PSPICE for simulation. BTW are you working in a company if yes then tell them get you buy these software. If you are working on your own then you have to be very precise. you can download free software for very targeted application.
ADS is not proper tool for PCB designing.altium is a real PCB design tool but ADS can be used to simulate your PCB design to verify that the PCB is appropriate or not for your application. In order to do that, you should transfer your PCB onto ADS by using Gerber format, do your Momentum simulation and then attach your active devices in a schematic
can any one help me ??? i have added a LM3150MH to my schematic, but when i try to add simulation i am not able to get the device.
Our team designed an H.264 soft core on Verilog and and my work is to verify it. I intend to create a PCB board includes an ARM9, some external RAM and ROM. Ofcouse our H.264 chip is not fabricated yet, then I have to make an schematic and simulate this. So anybody know can altium Designer verify our design. Or has any tool to do this work? O
Hi, I am trying to analysis Signal Integrity for a DDR2 SDRAM and OMAPL138 in altium. There is a problem with signal levels. I've set the Signal Top Value rule to 1.8V for desired nets but in the simulation the default 5V top level signal is injecting. How can I change this value to 1.8V? I've tried Signal Top Value and Base Value rules and I've e
I've been using Eagle for a few years and would like to move to a package with simulation and signal integrity analysis. Good libraries would be nice too. I would need to purchase one seat and can't lease since I often need to go back to old work. I've looked and PADS and altium but the price is high $12k and ~$6k. Are there any other options? T
we don't copy silkscreen text in altium design so we can use own Script for this? then how we can create that? or any option is there in altium for silkscreen copy? Thread moved to PCB Routing & Schematic Layout software & simulation. Select the correct category before posting
Im new to electronics and Im using altium to simulate some analogue circuits which will ultimately be connected to micro controllers. This is all fine and well, I have no typical newbie issues. One problem I find myself dealing with is the lack of models for certain components. I have to, with the voltage regulator I want to use, use a volta
I think altium supports FPGA Modelling
Hello all, I am looking for a way to simulate my digital circuit on altium. I have looked around and I understand that this may be a long shot, but I was hoping to be able to do this, since I have the schematic in altium Designer S09. Is there anywhere where I can get Digital Simcode files for AVR micros (like the mega32)? This would be
Hi, Recently I had the chance to try out altium Designer and I must admit that I found it quite powerful. However I realized that during the simulation process, you cannot measure currents what so ever :/ and neither voltages by means of a probe (voltages can only be seen in waveforms). Am I missing something here?
Hi, Have not tried either but these might be of use - AVR Simulator IDE with Basic Compiler, Assembler, Disassembler and Debugger Products
Hi, If you use microcontroller, then Proteus is the best simulator. altium's PCB package is better than ARES though. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Yep. Both altium & Proteus are nice ones............ Do try with that.......... Regards, Jerin. :-)
I need to import my Altera Arria II GX IBIS simulation model into altium Designer (Summer 09). altium Designer however only appears to understand IBIS 3.2 since the import fails. Is there a utility for converting an IBIS 4.1 format to 3.2?
Hi Is there anyone that did a simulation with ALTIUUM Spice to analyze the noise level in an amplifier? Preferred input referred noise. How good where the results?
Hello. I want to do a simulation with 555 in astable circuit and i couldt't find a component 555 that they has profile for simulation. The 555 components who i found has only a footprints. If anyone knows a library who i can find 555 with simulation profile please wrote it below. Thanks. :|
Sometimes i simulate different analog circuits in altium Designer 6 (I'm in a habit of calling it just "Protel"). Sometimes drawing the chart in the simulator takes very long time and I can't find a way to stop it. I have to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to remove the software from PC memory to deactivate the simulator. When i want to start new simulation i get
I'm new to AD(altium Designer) and now working on a project of a short pulse generator. The problem is that the working frequency is very high(about 110Mhz) so it is reasonable we run a simulation before PCB layout to test the function of the schematic sheet. However, there is a CPLD in the system and requiring programing(isLSI202E), so, is there