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Hi, I am looking to convert an .brd file for use in altium for a student project. I tried using the method on the altium website but it did not work. The link for reference is posted below. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thank.
allegro only supports exporting .dxf, .idf, .ipf... (does not support .alg). you can do it using altium but you need to have allegro installed at the same computer.
Dear fellow members, this post is a request if someone is able to convert the two attached allegro pcb files to ASCII (*.alg) or altium (*.pcbdoc) and upload or attach the converted files. I would like to use them in altium, but unfortunally i don't have allegro so i can't import them. Thanks for the help. Best (...)
Hi, I use altium Designer and have been sent files in Cadence allegro *.brd format. I believe I need to get these converted into *.alg format because I don't have Cadence allegro installed on my machine. Would it be possible for someone to convert for me and post here?. Sorry if this is a bit cheeky, many thanks for your help. 133391[
HI, At my company, we use Cadence allegro Design Entry CIS and have a centralized library for all the components. The schematic symbols are maintained as a library file (OLB), but the footprints are maintained as individual files (.dra). Now I was trying to convert the existing library to altium( altium has an import wizard for this). But (...)
Dear fellow members, This post is a request if someone is able to convert the allegro 16.3 pcb file (link below) to ASCII (*.alg) or altium (*.pcbdoc) and upload a link for the converted
I need to import a .brd file to altium or Eagle and i don't have the .alg file. Is it possible to convert it without having allegro installed? If not: Can somebody with allegro installed, save it as .alg? Thank you!
Hi Friends, I need to create footprint in allegro . I have design libraries in altium but I'm unable to import them to allegro 16.6. I'm using the Import Wizard but none of the footprints can be recognized. please suggestion me a solve . Thanks
If u google tools for SI analysis u will get multiple results. Cadence -allegro-PCS SI-Sigrity Mentor Graphics altium How much complex u r board is, what are the interfaces are , speed of the interfaces, Type of analysis u r doing..etc will determine your SI tools requirement. There are multitude of free tools like LTSpice TINA-TI few things fo
Hi Guys, I have been wondering what's the best practice in setting a package keepout in the pcb area in altium. I am working on an electronics company which most of the products are house on a mechanical metalwork. I have previous experience in cadence allegro and I was using package_keepout_top and package_keepout_bottom to set height restricti
hi i have used a few packages and found errors to be the most annoying thing about EDA and PCB software i have used orcad and allegro suite and altium designer and mentor graphics expedition and i was wondering out of some of the software i just mentioned anyone else known to be prone error messages all the time as i am thinking about purchasing
Hiii, I have imported your files to altium .PcbDoc format. But all files are blank. I do not know the reason. :sad:
Hi all, I'm using altium designer Summer 2009 and I want to convert the Schematic to OrCad, allegro, Cadance concept HDL Packaged Schematic files, Mentor Expedition, Mentor DxDesigner, Zuken. I need only one of these schematic format. How can I do that ? Best Regards, David.
Hi, I am trying to create a PCB for a Intel Edison project similar to Intel's Arduino breakout board. Intel provides the allegro brd file for that PCB, but unfortunately I do not have access to allegro, only altium. If someone with access to allegro would be kind enough to convert this file to altium, or (...)
I want to separate some power ground traces from the ground plane when doing pouring. In the design rule, I selected "net" and chose the "gnd" net and set the same net clearance of "trace" to 0.2mm. But when doing pouring, the ground traces are still covered by the ground plane. In allegro or altium, it is much easier to set the same net cleara
hii all, How to add new grid point in grid option of altium designer?? thanks.
I have successfully imported an allegro .brd file into altium using the Import Wizard. Unfortunately the .brd file has a very large number of constraints - none of which have been imported into the altium Rules. Does anybody know a way to import these ? Thanks.
Hello, I want to translate schematic and pcb library from an allegro designed board to altium cause I need to use most of the components of this board and I don't want to redesign schematic symbols and footprints. Is there a way to do that? I interesting for Xilinx Kintex 7 board kc705. Here are the files
Hi All, I'm trying to convert a TI OMAP .brd file into a format that I can get into altium. altium does the import, but it can only operate on BINARY .brd files if a registered version of allegro is installed. If you don't have allegro installed, it can still do it, but it needs the ASCII export version, a .alg file. (...)
I understand your problem and I sympathise.....sorry I don't know the is infuriating that people are having the problems that you are should be a requirement of every pcb package that they can all be converted from/to a single chosen pcb layout package....say altium. Link removed It i

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