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Hello, The following youtube video.. says that altium is giving away a free version of altium schematic editor and symbol library editor. Do you know where i can download it.?
Why not to use altium? Autor looking for libraries, not for new CAD. There are no any special website exist. Everyone have to make his own libraries time to time. It is a normal proccess while developing. But if we are speaking about simmulation models... that first of all you should better understand how does the spice engine work. What exaclty do
It cannot be open by ExpressPCB, EAGLE, ARES. Check here to download:
In version 10 the libraries are no longer packed with the software. Use either their vaults or go here:
Hello, I can get by in Cadstar ad Eagle but how do i now learn altium, i dont know where to start. Is their a golden tutorial which shows how to draw a resistor wired to ground, and then how to take this to pcb, as well as how to put the resistor in the library?
hi frends, any1 maybe knows, I have problem, specctra place my board, but after that PCA could not tokenize and parse SES file for import , altium FAQ told me i have no SP3 installed, they told SP3 is free for download, but I cant download SP3 anywhere. Any1 knows where this 2004_SP3 is ?? (...)
Microsoft Office - Visio will be useful. I'll second numbdemon on this. MS Visio can make good looking schematics for paper illustrations. IMHO, OrCAD and altium/Protel produce the best schematics for circuit development.
Protel 99 (and 99SE) is a discontinued product. You can't get a demo version any more. You can get a demo for altium Designer 6 from your local altium sales office. That is the product that replaces Protel 99(SE). It is not available for download from the internet, it only comes on CD or DVD.
Be certain to get SP6 at the altium website. You need it.