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Heptane - This is a project for a high-performance 9-issue VLIW-like processor, but with out-of-order execution. It will feature a x86_64 binary translation. The translator and firmware will have OSS (LGPL) versions released. Unlike previous attempts at binary translating CPUs, which had only 2 alu and 2 Load-Store Units, this one has much more. An
Hello! I have a project that can do; 111827 It accomplishes all of this perfectly. Now I need to edit the program in a way that it multiplies 2 numbers instead of add them. I need to do this with arithmetic operator which is * symbol (verilog accepts it as I was told by my instructor) However I got stuck because my alu
I am making a 8-bit alu using verilog. I have made all the modules and they are working separately. like an adder,subtractor,left shift,etc. But, now i have to combine them in my alu. How can I do this??? If I make a mux, then how to connect all these separate modules to the mux??? plz help....
USE 74LS181 alu FOR BASIC OPERATION add, subtract, compare etc.
A simple 32-bit alu would probably only be about 50 lines of HDL. An experienced designer could design one and a test bench in an hour, so I agree that it wouldn't be much of a final year project on its own. There are plenty of posts from other people looking for and working on final year projects in this forum - have you looked at these?
i need 32-bit alu verilog code for my project. please help me.
hi all, we were given a project at college where we have to write a verilog code for cascading 4-bit alu's to form 16-bit alu's.we were comfortable in writing the code for 16 bit alu but it was suddenly changed to cascading of alu's .and my other question is whether to use case statement or (...)
Need a vhdl code for a floating point alu for a school project, urgently. I'd really be thankful if anyone could help. :smile::smile: :smile:
I would like of some internet sources (or not) of what kind of projects could I build using this 4-bit alu. Apart from this, is there any way of making a low components count project that uses this chip and could be serve as a terminal or somehow communicate with a computer? My interest is really in building a very basic microcomputer (...)
I guess you can design the following in both VHDL and MATLAB 1. FIR Filter 2. AES or DES Encryption Engine 3. alu 4. BUS PROTOCOL (Not Sure if you can do this in Matlab) 5. DFT - eg. JTAG
Hello everyone I I'm studying the organization && Architecture Computers and There I have a project in this course is design 8 Logical circuits (alu) linked with (D latch) memory (16-bit) Note: Use matlab (simulink) Thanks My E-mail (
It's funny. A person who designs such a complex project must know how to describe a set of 128 registers. Another hand, this register memory is rather complex and may afford some invention efforts because the register content takes part both in alu operations and as address index and in bit handling operations. Anyway, they can be inferred
Check out Many of the cores there are synthesizable. A good project might be a alu supporting IEEE-754 adder/sub, mult, div
hi friends.. am beginner, i did alu as my tat i implemented addition,subtarction,multiplication and division.using control signal am selecting the operations(add,sub,mul or div).i written testbench also. my doubt is how to calculate frequency of my using clk signal.i want to calculate clk period for full execution of my alu
hi friends... am doing alu as my project.. so i need best algorithm for division of two 8 bits unsigned numbers.. simple and good algorithm.. if any one have the code and details pls help me urgent.
hi friends am doing alu as my project . . so can any one send the verilog code for tat... its a multiplication of 8bit unsigned numbers...... pls
is it simulation of the alu ?
hi guys.....after some hectic work....i'm back at my own work. I need to work on a project for my final graduation .After long thought and discussions, i have come to the conclusion tht i can work on a project in the field of "ASYNCHRONOUS CLOCKLESS UNITS"......basically, i wud like to work for optimising such combinational ci
Dear friends, I'm doing project on Arithmetic and logic circuits. To submit my report, I need the documentation. If anybody having such thesis, please upload for me. I have designed the alu in Tanner EDA. sekar..
hi i need a project paper in pdf on alu16 bits design with vhdl on a Spartan 3 FPGA