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Hi. As I know, We can make the bus matrix by using like NIC501 or something like tools. My question is that how can we verify the bus matrix? and what kinds of methodologies are existed to verify the bus what I made? Practically, I want to know that how to do this in Practically. Does any help this?
what is the major difference between verilog HDL and VHDL???? Which is best in designing the amba ahb, ASB,APB,axi?????
Hi, Most of the Design (SoC), the APB bus is used for register configuration. For bulk data transfer (eg: Video, EMAC) in amba we are using ahb or axi. axi is better than ahb.
There is a complete amba bus specification here: . Enjoy your design work!
Hi all... Is anyone know how to calculate the through put of amba axi or ahb buses... Means if i am transferring a 32 bit 16 Burst transfer through the axi bus at 96MHz, then what will be the data through put of the transfer... Thanks in Advance....
Hello everybody, i am new in Hardware design have a project in designing an axi bus in VHDL and testbench in SystemC (Co-verification). I read some documentation and have understood how it works, now could some experienced persons tell me which are the steps i should follow, for example what are the different VHDL entities i will need (Channels,
amba ahb can eventually support a maximum of 16 co processors maximum.... Since 4 lines are used to communicate with external devices and other lines are dedicated to interact with the internal peripherals..... only for that purpose amba architecture was restricted to ARM7 and later processors were (...)
the amba clock could equal to the clock system.
Hi Friends, I need amba ahb/axi bus model in C/C++/SystemC. If someone is having, please mail me : Thanks in advance. Thanks & Regards, Udit Kumar
ONCHIP COMMUNCATIONS STANDARD means amba is used widely during soc bus area, many IP are designed followed the spec, u can connect IP easily through amba to build your own system
Hi, My boss gave me an issue to get information about amba bus Verifiaction tools subject. So I have a few question: 1. Does anybody use this kind of tools ? I mean for example : ACT by Synoposys or SolidPC by Saros. (I would like to test ahb and axi bus version) 2. Maybe anybody knows the better (...)