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The second schematic doesn't make sense as shown, it misses a connector for the feedback path. To understand if the loop layout has any relevance for the amplifier performance, some basic parameters must be known like: - amplifier and signal bandwidth - resistor values I guess, each topology can be useful under specific circumstances.
Hi i did layout of an solely analog circuit using cadence. I also did digital layout (which was much automated) using Encounter tool. But how is mixed signal layout done when both the IC has analog and digital blocks. Like what is the procedure. Can anyone kindly explain this to me pls??? Thank you!!!
If you make layout as small as possible (of course meeting DRC rules) the connection lines are shorter. So it seems that paracitic capacitors are decreased. But at the other hand the separatrion between metal paths is also smaller so the parasitic capacitance can even increase. So, one should decrease metal lines length and keep separation in reaso
Hello evryone my name is Ronnie from Uganda, I'm designing a dc-dc boost converter using an LM2623 and an inductor 4.7 micro henries,both components are SMD, so I cannot be able to simulate them on a breadboard, I have been looking for a software which has these exact components so that I simulate them before physically implementing the circuit. Co
It will likely work close to your simulation results if you follow proper design procedures such as a good layout, heat sinking, and supply decoupling, but no guarantee. If you can, do some Monte Carlo simulation multiple runs to see how component variations (including supply voltage variation and offset) affects the amp performance (I assume thi
Dear All, I am new to PCB design and layout. Currently I designing the PCB for testing my design prototype. For this purpose, I need to place a thru-hole SMA connector. However, I dont know - 1. Which part to use in the Capture schematic for the SMA connector. 2. Which footprint to be used. [ATTACH=CONFI
Hi, I extracted the spf netlist with corners RCMIN, RCMAX and Typical. I observed that the C values in the netlist when extracted with RCMIN corner are larger with respect to the Typical corner(hence larger delay), whereas, C values in the netlist when extracted with RCMAX corner are smaller with respect to the Typical corner(hence lesser del
DRC - check, that all polygons of your layout satisfy foundry design rules (polygon width, spacing, overlap etc). LVS - extract from you layout the transistor netlist and compare it (element by element) with original netlist (it is not logical equivalence checking, but electrical equivalence). For example, after routing, you may have some (...)
Hi all, In the post layout extraction ( pex extraction ), if there's any problem occurs in pex means, we need to vary ( increase or decrease the resistance & capacitance ) in some signal lines.. I think we can reduce the resistance by using an higher metal instead of using metal 1 or 2.. Likewise, I need to know that " How to increa
Hi, there are some doubts I need to solve before adding vias to the layout. Two types of vias are needed, through hole and BBvias, could the drill hole be the same for both of them? Via Pad <= 0.3 mm Via Drill Hole <= 0.15 mm Which would be the recommended pad & drill hole for different kind of via? [/
Hi there Would anybody have a copy of this? I have a copy but there is no component layout or schematics just X/Y data so its impossible to try and fix
I just completed initial testing of an audio device that I redesigned for someone. This device sends a low level signal to a PA or guitar type amplifier. Everything works as expected except that when the volume of the amplifier is set above say 1/2 volume, there is a noticeable high frequency hiss. I would describe the hiss as very similar to what
Hi guys. I have to design the layout of the above mentioned ota. I am thinking on how layout the ota amp. This OTA has PMOS input transistor. What I was thinking to do was to follow the schematic. That is: Interdigitize the cascode transistores that bias the diff. pair. Interdgtz the differential pair. Interdgtz the current (...)
I want to design a simple precision DC electronic load as those of Bk precision are expensive and they are actually when you think you can build one. AS you can see in the fig i am using MAX44248 because i have already ordered them.I am not using direct feedback to the op-amp1 but via op-amp2 (gain of 10). Reason is so that i dont have to divide
Greetings! I know basic layout designing(ie. inverter, gates, adder ) but now i want to go on advanced level and want to explore layout designing for complex circuits. 1) What should i read and from where ? kindly provide material, pdfs, books or video links. 2) What is the main difference between Analog layout & Digital (...)
Hi all, I am using High speed op-amp for DAC board, is there any routing contraint(Say cutout ground plane beneath IC Input Pin). please suggest some some layout constraint for this. Regards, Arunmaran
HOW CAN I TEST THE IC TO BE IN PERFECT ORDER? You'll need to construct the most basic op amp circuits, and test it as to whether output responds properly. I once used the TL082 (dual FET input op amp) in a couple of projects. They worked for a while, then went bad. I could not figure out why. Later I read that it is
i am working on the layout of opeartional amplifier it gives the correct output but when i make pads for input, output and power and connect inputs, output and power to their respective pads the gain decreases by 20 dB. Pads consists only of square made of metal layers. If i increases the width of routing metal the gain increases by 1 dB. Please he
Hey. I'm building a lab power supply, I've finished the schematic but when I begun to route the PCB found my self in a inferno of wires crossing over each other. I started out using all SMD but in the end I had to use some through-hole just to get the layout done, the power supply has a transformer 230V/28V-0-28V 0-12V, the 0-12V winding is bein
actually i know the common differences like more DRC, density errors, WPE, LOD effects etc. But with respect to poly what are the difference? allowed routing direction, poly break, poly jog etc and also why do we go for poly pitch in 28nm?