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I am new on PCB Design. I want to learn, as I have no idea about how should I do my own designs, I am copying some existing ones .. So, I choose a Simple One, a frequency Generator Module (XR-2206): 157392 The PCB Layout at the Top looks like this: 157393 and at the botton looks like th
51dB (voltage) gain is A=355 A=gm*Rout assume best case Rout=Rload Then gm must be 355/50K or 7mA/V If you can find a transistor with this kind of gm and decent Early voltage then a single CE stage could do it. If Early voltage is a problem then cascode it (CB over CE) Of course input impedance match will cost some base current so you will
Hello, I am trying to apply an adaptive biasing technique to source the differential pair of the fully differential amplifier, the adaptive biasing source a current of let say Ib under small signal condition. Under slewing or large signal behavoiral this current is increased proportionally to the input difference amplitude. My question, I alr
Hi everyone, As part of the course i took in analog circuit i required to design an amplifier with these values: Rin= 52kohm Rout = 53 ohm A=35 gain in db F-3dblow = 400hz F-3dbhigh = 400khz M1= 40db/dec M2 = -20 db/dec Dc supply voltage are : +5 v , -5v Transitors are ntype BJT My idea was using a simple CE amplifier with 2 resis
hai i have watched a video that display a circuit 1.5 to 220v ac inverter is it true plz must ans me if its
I added a new excitaion signal by importing ASCII file BUt the cst gives this below and suddenly aborts : The current settings will lead to an extremely long simulation time. You may improve the simulation speed by: 1. checking the frequency range and units settings 2. reducing the simulation duration 3. checking the mesh to avoid very s
Hi, Would you agree that the old addage that “Motor torque is proportional to current” is not entirely true? I agree. You may apply a lot of DC current to a BLDC motor ... while generating zero torque. But if you apply a rotating field to a BLDC motor with the correct amplitude, and the motor is not stal
Hello, My goal is to find out how to synthesis and place&routing is affected after small modifications to an existing VHDL code. After a small change (e.g. halving the threshold frequency) in a bigger structure, I have to make sure that the not changed parts of the code post P&R should stay the same and be equivalent, so that I don't have to ve
The issue is lack of understanding the testbench. First of all use ac amplitude set to 1 not 1m. In closed loop simulation, you should achieve transimpedance - relation between output amplitude vs input current. This function should in first order follows the feedback. So, 3kOhms of gain (70dBOhms) in dc with pole at RfCf. The impulse response will
I am working with gnss sdr software for processing rf signal captured in file. In gnss sdr software configuration the data source mentions adc sampling rate and type as i and q samples. Nothing is mentioned about IF frequency. Does that mean the intermediate frequency is always zero for I and Q components?
Can anybody please suggest me any resource on wireless power transfer coil design?
Hi , I encounter this difficulty when matching my off the shelf GPS antenna to 50 ohm. hope someone could tell me whats when wrong and how to debug. so the original load impedance was shown in the pic below. i have a "series-shunt-series-shunt" matching circuit before my GPS antenna. series component was replaced with 0 ohm and below are th
Hi, Indeed .. a schematic should be useful to validate if it is possible at all and what errors one has to expect. Yes, I can do it in my older method but those are time consuming for this product This sentence is useless, because we neither know your "older method" nor your expectation of timing. You don't give details at all.
Hi, I'm using a TPS54528 voltage regulator to get an 1.05V output, the input is 5V. However once I apply some load (eg. 1.5 Ampere) I get a 16khz spike on VIN (the closer I go to the chip pin the bigger the spike will be). So since it's 16khz it will result in a high noise, and since some other regulators are also attached to the 5V rail the
This has nothing to do with LEDS :) Many power converters are liable to saturate the transformer under unbalanced conditions, I am looking at a full bridge with a bridge rectifier output so there are plenty of oppertunities! The standard method to reduce the problem is to use peak current control. In my case I wish to use average current mode, a
Hello, I am trying to design a split ring resonator and extract the material properties. But before doing that I thought it's a good check what my simulation gives me for known material. I selected Teflon as my material and design floquet port in order to extract the material properties like permitivity over the frequency range. However, I am n
Hi everyone, For a project involving multiple drones communicating to a single base station, I'm looking for a chipset (or alternatively a module) that supports a star topology network (i.e. multiple transmitters sending data to a single receiver). I need quite a bit of range (about > 2 km) with antennas that aren't ridiculously large since they
I would like to design a dc booster for a solar system. System consists of 6x 265Wp panels in series, which equals roughly 1600Watts, 200V, 9 Amps. I need to boost the voltage up to 350V to feed into a VFD which in turn drives a 0.75kW motor. Is this possible? Where should I start? Thanks
Slotted waveguide antennas can often be very useful. The basic idea is that in moving the slots around the amplitude and phase distribution of an array can be controlled. The trick is finding the appropriate placement and then figuring out how to manufacture the thing. Modern simulation tools and numeric controlled machining makes these much eas
Hello all, 157237 I am having a problem I can't seem to diagnose: I have a PLL centered around a ~24 GHz VCO. The block diagram is shown above, defiantly not the best design, open to criticism. The VCO provides a N/16 output which is mixed with a 1.