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Only two transistors, four resistors and two capacitors are enough to make a circuit which will generate square wave at 60kHz and with amplitude of 9Vpp. Guess how.
Maybe post the circuit & say which models you are using. Also, have you tried adjusting the phase shifting capacitors to see if that helps? One thought is that any analysis you do about phase shift and loop gain is probably small signal but the oscillation is large signal so your gain/phase will not be what you think it is when the signal increase
TRAP method leaves an ugly triangular residue at roughly VNTOL amplitude on a lot of nodes. This can be gained up and look bad. Or it could be some other reality, like a BJT operating too close to saturation and turning your marginally-small-signal-stable amplifier into a large signal relaxation oscillator.
small signal analysis means the amplitude of the input signal applied at the input terminal is the signal applied in such a way that the linearity is assumed. Large signal analysis means amplitude of the signal is large enough so that the excursion level is too much and linearity is no longer valid.