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how can i compute P(x<0) using characteristic function of x? characteristic function of x doesnt have a analitical inversion to compute P(x).
hi all; I need an analytical code in MATLAB for band structure analysis in photonic crystals in 1D and 2D. may anyone please help me
I'm looking forward to remplace olds delphian (or analitical) catalitic sensor with a new one, some companys say have a few goods with high poisoning resistance ( cititech, e2v, sixsense....) someone know about the minimal resolution and poisonig resistance ? The standar unit localy used is the API unit, 200 ppm = 1 API unit, could someone
I think it is very hard to find an analitical formulation, I suggest you to use a planar Em simulator and a linear simulator. Bye
There is a simple and accurate method for measuring Er. Make a very looseley (wide gap) coupled half wavelength filter (a microstrip line with two wide gaps). Measure the resonant freq. Calculate the Er from analitical formulas.