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I'm working on a analog arithmetic circuit shown below. It is a simple arithmetic adder circuit (more details in attachments). But the problem is that some errors in my Pspice implementation . Can some Pspice experts help me to solve these circuit. My Pspice design is attached below. my pspice (...)
yeah....I want to design Summing circuit You could find this in any analog circuit design book! See here
Hi. You need an analog adder circuit. You also need an analog inverter after that to get voltage out being positive. You can't use a regular noninverting opamp circuit unless amplification != 1.
Hi, I need a cmos voltage level shifter circuit which shifts *exactly* 400 mV on a DC analog signal. I thought about voltage adder/substractor circuit but they are not applicable because of the resistors. Does anybody have an idea how to shift exactly 400 mV on-chip? Thx, Krivan
hi,i am working on a WCDMA PA design,now i encount a problm about analog ALC. the ALC circuit is comprised of two OP,which is integrated in LMC6482. the first OP is used to comprise a integral circuit as a comparisor,the second one is as a adder. when i push the power to the ALC control point, the output power jump up (...)
hello every1! i need an adder circuit for adding two signals of upto 70 MHz. any ideas?
hello every1! i am looking for an adder circuit that can work at upto 70MHz. any clues?