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There's all sorts of avenues and some long-winded answers that could come off of your question... But personally I would say yes, aim to learn (in this order): (1) Digital circuit design (2) VHDL for digital circuit design and for testbenching (separate angles) (3) analogue circuit design (you are usually (...)
i want to asm codes for converting the pressed character in PC (PS2) key board to ASCII equivalent displayed on LCDPS2 ASM code below. Connect a serial LCD to finish the job. ;read PS2 keyboard using pic12f675 #include ;12f675 has analogue __CONFIG 0x0184 errorlevel -302 ;prevent ba
Hi! Is it possible to post a schematic of your circuit? How do you connect the accelerometer to the PIC? I have read the datasheet of your accelerometer and seen that its outputs are two digital PWM duty cycle outputs, not analogue! In that way, it is wrong to connect them to the ADC of the PIC! They are already digital. All you have to do is meas
what type of camera are you using, How real time you want it to be? from post, it seems you have done interfacing micro to a camera, ... How much quality do you want?! generally, no, its not a easy thing to do, but it is possible. personally i would go for analogue modules that are ready for video/voice tr and then capture it by pc, (...)
If the micro supports analogue inputs then you can use a single pin and a resistor network to give different voltages for each key, not recommended though. Much better way is to have an active serial keypad. If you have 2 port pins you can really use any clock+data protocol. Probably I2C is a good option, then you could use something like a PCF8574
I have several questions concerning strain sensors being interfaced with analogue to Digital Converter (ADC) and was wondering if you could enlighten me. 1. What are the issues that a designer can face when interfacing a strain sensor to an ADC? 2. How would you describe the use and value of simulation in electronic (...)
Hii to All, I'm writing my final year project and need help from all members. I want to monitor the temperature, current, wear and vibrations of a 12v dc motor, using the data base management system.I beleive i have to use an ADC but I have never use this component. I don't even know how to interfacing it with my PC. can any one help me (...)
hi all I am using LM 35dz to interface with ADC 0831, I am confused interfacing LM 35 with ADC 0831 as I dont know what analogue signal at 5+ve will LM 35 exit and how to set it for ADC 0831 to enter to give me full scale (most accurated) temperature of weather. if any one suggest or help me please in this matter. regards.