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I think this is probably a good project for a small 8 pin micro with an analogue port PIC12F683 as an example, there are many others. I know that it is a steep learning curve especially if you have to learn coding as well. This allows for great flexibility and is well worth the effort. You could even make up a general purpose board with various inp
You can get analogue transmission gates (like switches) - type 4066, you can control these with digits to open and close, so you build a selection of them to switch in series resistance in your signal path and shunt resistance. Typically with a logerithmic ratio, so S1 does - 1dB, S2 -2 dB, S3 - 4 dB S4 - 8 dB, So by selecting which switches are op
Select your sensors, follow the manufacturers suggestions to get all the 0 -100% ranges within a suitable analogue range for the ADC. Select a suitable analogue switch wire its control lines to the micro, connect ADC to micro. Whats the problem? Frank
Brushless motor controller can be implemented using a microcontroller, or may alternatively be implemented in analogue hardware or digital firmware using an FPGA. If you want to know more you can refer to Microchip's AN857 Application Note. Here's a basic
Probably. Does the remote control have a lot of buttons and a matrix of contacts? Then it might be easier to use something like a 4066 chip. It's basically a digitally controlled, quad analogue switch, so you should have no problems about the voltage the remote controller uses or how it strobes the matrix. Just connect one (...)
Hi everyone! Excuse my bad English! Can someone tel me some low power IC amlifier (like some chip on TDA-Philips for example). My requirements are: Power voltage 5V, Stereo,DC volume control. I will use it in TV set for car. The original chip is APA2068, but I cant find it in my country. I need to find analogue. If anyone
1 and 2 are just analogue and digital methods of doing the same task. I used to work in SCADA, Supervisory, control And Data Acquisition. All of what we did was to control a network of TV transmitters via telemetry. We had Processors on site doing "auto" control" and reporting the state of the equipment back to a (...)
hey guys, I have a dc power generation plant consisting of a motor (that I will drive) and an attached generator. I am required to design an analogue control system to control the output of this motor/generator plant to enable it to produce any desired time-varying piecewise constant voltage across a resistive load. The magnitude of the (...)
Develop an irrigation control system that reads the air humidity (via an analogue sensor) and control an irrigation valve. The system will maintain the humidity at a user defined level
Hello, I know what an FPGA is, but I was wondering if something similar has ever been made for analogue electronics. You know, resistors, capacitors, transistors, coils etc, that could be interchanged automatically, using some kind of remote control, to make a circuit. I.e. automatically make a circuit from the computer without soldering and touc
Hello, I'm fairly new to this Electronic's malarky, (I've done a few Maplins electronic kits and can do basic circuits - without micro chips or anything) and I'm doing a school project in where I need to make a working analogue wireless scalextric controller, I know how to make a wired controller but the wireless part has thrown me (...)
simply go here if article required i will post Timer Switch for Washing Machine - | Electronics: Microcontrollers Embedded Audio Digital analogue Test Measurement regards Fragrance
Put an inverter in the control line of the one analogue switch. Now the one analogue switch will be on and the other one will be off
I need to control a a load (heater) using a triac. I need to use something like pulse skipping modulation to control the heater. The Microcontroller board and analogue part will be working from a +12-0 -12V transformer based power supply. I think I can use the DC before filter with a transistor arrangement to trap the zero (...)
Althought I designed this module special for my needs, it’s so universal that someone else maight find it useful. System allows to control all chip sets for both DC or AC, low voltage or 230V from electric network, could be use in any kind of light dimmers ( LED diodes, bulbes etc.), speed regulation in commutator motors, disco light systems,
As Erikl said, if you need to trim an analogue voltage use a DAC. Other trim techniques involve reading data into a shift register at powerup, the outputs of the shift register control individual nmos transistors that short out certain options, this could be shorting out sub-resistors that make up the complete resistor in the band gap reference PT
Hi seniors! I got a diesel generator with voltmeter rpm meter and ammeter.I want to interface the ammeter with PLC in such a way that when Ammeter reading changes, the analog bits also changes respectively. you can check the control cabinet of genset, some of them can provide some analogue output or communication port ( for
I have not designed on atmel before, only on PIC series. How much code have you designed yet, have you developed the hardware. I am sure you would have worked out the ADC control modules (to receive analogue data). Is there any feedback generated by the servo?? thanks aa
USB 1208-FS can do your job. However consider the sampling speed and the number of inputs / outputs required. USB 1208-FS has a sampling speed of 50kHz and two analogue outputs among other functions. You can get more details from the data sheet.
This is a bit not clear there. On their website they say the output of the chip is digital, but on the data sheet it is indicated as analogue on the block diagram