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What prevents getting gain & phase response in digital filters that is same (as an equivalent low-pass or high-pass e.t.c) analogue filter? I am aware that digital filters cannot get (both of) gain and phase response same as an analogue filter which has same cut-off frequencies. Usually the (...)
have a look at the Maxim range of analogue switches
Hello, I consider making a small cheap (~ $100) spectrum analyzer for 0-200MHz with -75dB sensitivity. This is a standard superhet design using an opamp sweeper, mini circuits LO, mixer and a helical filter, followed by a chip to perform the rest of the functions. There will be two switched resolution bandwidth filters, one using ceramic (...)
Direct conversion is becoming more popular with DSP techniques. For traditional analogue circuits though, direct conversion has a number of drawbacks that make it more difficult to use than the seemingly more complex super-heterodyne design. Drawbacks such as: Lack of ability to decode AM signals at the baseband by envelope detection. No automati
I have just started with my project in current mode cmos amplifiers and filter design. Currently i am using analogue IC design: the current mode approach by Lidgey & Haigh as reference. I need what recent work have been carried out in the cmos current mode amplifiers and filters.? What are the problems faced.? Is design using current con
Here is a nice article - - - Updated - - - There is also a link to a related microchip paper in the comments of that page ww1.microchip.
Sapwin is a free very user friendly analogue circuit simulation program. Features include : Symbolic transfer function from a user defined circuit Numeric transfer function Pole zero digrams Bode plots Gain and phase response Step and impluse response
analogue TV Modulators create DSB AM signals and then this signal is filtered by a SAW filter to obtain a VSB signal.TVIF SAW filters have very sharp bandpas filters... Then if you convert this signal over 1GHz, filtering will be easier at that frequency band to sperate lower and higher (...)
HI Everybudy i am using ADC haveing differential input. for signal conditioning i need to design a differential input differential out analogue output active fileter. can anybody help me. or give me guideline. i am stuck. thanks
1. An analogue signal is give as follow : x(t)=cos(2*pi*f_1 n⁄f_(s ) + pi)-1.5 cos(2*pi*f_(2 ) n⁄f_(s ) + pi⁄3)- 4cos(2*pi*f_(3 ) n⁄f_(s ) ) Where f_(3 )=4Khz ,f_2=2Khz and f_(1 )=1kHz;x(t) is a signal which is fed into a linear phase filter. The time-domain output signal is given as follow: y(t)=3cos(2*pi*f_(1 ) n
I need to control a a load (heater) using a triac. I need to use something like pulse skipping modulation to control the heater. The Microcontroller board and analogue part will be working from a +12-0 -12V transformer based power supply. I think I can use the DC before filter with a transistor arrangement to trap the zero crossing point for microc
you filter digital grounds in a balanced fashion you filter anaglogue grounds in an unbalanced fashion relative to earth digital grounds should remain relative to your circuit therefore remain within its confines so ground the digital ground to uniform 0v the analogue to the box couple the box to 0v via a (...)
Hello everyone :) Here's my problem: I am making a low-voltage CMOS negative impedance converter for analogue filter applications. here is the scheme: I made transistors with these 0.35 um models : I dont
Good day. Right, basically i'm doing a module at Uni, that i have no clue about, and i am in some need of help. I am designing an analogue filter (active 2nd order LPF) and comparing it to a digital FIR filter. I have one query that i have been trying to get an answer for, but its not exactly the type of thing you can type straight (...)
it can esily be used as a an analogue output. just put it through a filter.
Hi all, Currently I am designing down-converter for power line carrier application. One of component in down-converter design is analogue mixer. This analogue mixer would be used to mix (RF) input modulated signal from power line (20KHz - 1MHz) with LO clock signal in order to frequency shift input signal in /selectivity filter bandwidth
anyone have any suggestions on how to derive the transfer functions and design equations for a universal biquadratic filter cirucit which uses 4 op amps. the circuit appears in the book "analogue Electronic Circuits" page 195. if anyone can point me in the direction of some books which may be useful that would be much appreciated. thanks
excellent software to generate waveforms of all kind of filters both digital and analogue
I use shifter voltage--->Low pass filter--->microcontroller(ADC is inside microcontroller)--->Low pass filter Probplem is appear on the last Low pass filter. the pwm from microcontroller after pass from the last Low pass filter I expect a analogue signal similar to the analogue input of (...)
I need to design an active low-pass filter at my 2nd op-amp input stage (to prevent aliasing distortion), which type of active low-pass filter should I design? How many poles do I need? One more thing I want to ask about the analogue circuitry - for the 3 inputs, can I input let say -5 to 5V to the first input and the circuit will change it (...)