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Hi, I'm trying to understand full bridge working principles and I wonder, if I choose operating frequency as 10kHz, transformer working frequency will be 10kHz or 5khz? Also output filter will be designed according to 10kHz or 20kHz because of frequency doubling caused by rectification? Thank you.
Hi , I'm trying to work out if the resistor part of an RC passive HPF introduces noise to a signal path. I would like to use a digi pot to adjust the filter sweep position but wonder if the THD of the resistor is a factor? I will be using the resistor (digipot ) as a shunt between the balanced lines on an audio input of a preamp. I can see
Hello, 159680 I am playing around with a frequency doubler. For now the doubler is just a diode. The input frequency is 5.8 GHz and the doubled output is 11.6 GHz. The diode is terminated with an antenna whose resonant frequency is 11.6 GHz. A note about the filter, its pretty much ideal BPF, presenting a near open at f
Hello, I'm doing a research about some old Agilent/HP ATFs that have (probably) been counterfeited. I'm searching for these two old designer's catalogues, one by Agilent and one by HP: Communications Components Designer?s Catalog. Hewlett Packard. 5966-0895E (9/97) Semiconductor Products Designer?s Catalog. Agilent Technologies. CD. 5968-78
I'm designing a PCB that has no earth ground but there are lots of connectors with shielding pins such as USB, Ethernet, and HDMI also their TVS diode to protect from ESD. This PCB has to pass the EMC tests, especially the immunity test, with success. I used a CMC filter in the input supply of the circuit, there are no Y capacities because there is
Hi all, I need something that I can use to shield a cable that seems to be affected by EMC noise. The cables are already fitted so I would need something that can cover the whole length of the cables. Anyone has an idea?. Thanks, Winsu.
Hello Maybe someone has simple (the simpler the better) circuit for a low-frequency transistor amplifier with a class D cascade, or can explain how to creat it, I'm going to make it in Microcap? I can only find very complex circuits in internet.
When making time interleaved ADC you get gain, offset mismatches along with bandwidth and timing mismatch/skew. How can mismatches be stopped using filtering - how can I simulate this filter using circuit simulation ?
If the waveform begins at positive 0.5 volt, Then increases to 5 volts, then decreases to Positive 0.5 volt, then increases to 5 volts and has a Frequency of 40 megahertz, will a passband filter with lower cutoff frequency of 100 megahertz and a higher cutoff frequency of 200 megahertz, block such a waveform?
Hello, In the photo bellow there is a diagram for general purpose input output(GPIO). When they say in the manual "The following code configures pin 5 from Port C as a digital input with pull-up and filter" We see in the diagram is just connecting the output to VDD and pull down is connecting the output to GND. So if we have digital input of a s
Hi, I Am working on a Solar based DC-DC Converter its a BUCK-Boost converter, and As I read some of the articles related to the same topic Capacitor between PV Panel and DC-DC Converter is Mandatory. So, anybody can guide to calculate the value for This Capacitor such as what is the proper formula or methods. Thank you
Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but I feel I will be here a LOT. I am a circuit board hobbiest and also a drone pilot. I am currently trying to repair a gimbal on one of my drones and have ran into a problem. I have no idea what I am doing! lol I have all the needed equipment to micro solder and and not bad at it. I just need help identi
Hi all, I am looking for some answers on getting my current GPS to work on my setup below with an external LNA. The module that I am using (Quectel BG-95) has an internal LNA, nonetheless I have connected an external LNA in series in hope of improving the gain further. The spec sheets of this module specifies that gain of the external LNA should b
Hi, The ISE1215A DCDC module , on the last page of its datasheet, has a recommended input filter which comprises an inductor at its input, with no capacitor downstream of it?.. Surely this is inadviseable? SMPS?s should have see a low impedance looking back from their input terminals back towards their input filter. Would you agree? ISE121
In a Superheterodyne receiver, let us assume, I have a signal in the RF Range of 88MHz to 108MHz. From what I have read, my understanding is that by tuning the local oscillator frequency, we can make the incoming RF signal to fall within the IF frequency range which we have designed. My questions : Suppose, I have a frequency of 95MHz. And
I have a 100uA analogue (needle) meter and I want to convert it to 1A so I can read currents to 1A. When the current is 1A it should read 100uA, when it is 0.5A it should read 50uA and so on (linear conversion). How can I do it without posing great resistance to the DC, so as not to loose voltage fed to the series circuit? (DC can be anything fro
Use an analogue peak detector and you can sample at low speed. Something likes this: 159383
Hello, 159359 I have run into an odd problem and I don't know exactly why it's happening. I am using an Arduino UNO to program a ADF4153A which in turn is controlling a VCO HMC739. All are powered by the same bench top power supply. The ADF4153A has its own 3.3V voltage regulator. Above is a diagram of the PLL, the loop
Hi, I m using CST to simulate a filter. The default material in CST is PEC. I want to change it to Silver. For my structure, I only define the cavity So the material outside cavity is PEC (As default). Now, How can I change it? Thank you
Hi, I am designing an LC filter with a cut-off frequency of 20 kHz for the Class-D amplifier. The filter schematic is shown in Fig.1 top right. I understand how to choose the LC values for the critically damped case for the pure resistive load as shown in Fig. 2. The problem is I want to drive an impedance (400 Ohm + 15 mH) load, where the t