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I have a friend who recently asked Texas about a divergence on the theoretical calculation of the maxumum allowed currentxtemperature when compared to the result of that tool, and the answer he got from technical support is that there was indeed a problem with the tool and that it would be solved soon. It might be interesting to use the schematic g
Hello, I'm new to power electronics and analog design. I have designed my flyback converter using WEBENCH, and i have the problem of dropping output voltage drastically. The purpose of my design is to supply some rare electronic devices in telecomunication. DC input: 35 - 60V DC output: 12.1V - 3.1A My practical transformer: Lpri = 66.3
We have just done a 1V5, 65A output (vin=48v) power supply using a Vicor PRM48__VTM48 module cascade. We are using remote sensing because of the volt drop through the high current trace to the load (processors). As you know, the presence of this stray trace resistance , and the output capacitors means that there is an RC filter in the power stage
Maybe there is a problem on the feedback line( at the low voltage between optoccupier and tl431
This concerns the attached schematic of a 48v to 1V5 SMPS which uses Vicor power modules. Do you agree that the Error Amplifier small signal transfer function should feature a ?divide by 24? factor? -and that this must be done so as to take into account the fact that the output voltage is sensed at the 1V5 rail rather than from the intermediate 36
Hello, Would you say that the 10R (0603 size) resistor in the grey shaded ?bubble? is unnecessary? (PDF schematic of 48v to 1V5 at 65A SMPS attached) The component ?MOD2? is an electronic transformer with isolation between its input and output?however, we don?t actually need isolation. The 10R resistor was originally thought of as being neces
I need to design Power supply: input 85-265V AC 50/60Hz output: +5V (200mW-8W), +24V(1W-80W), +48v(1W-140W) output power min 200mW max 150W ( step change on +24 and +48v ) Build in , without air flow high efficiency, long life, accuracy on +5V +-2% How to choose the topology and design? It has the choice at (...)
You are trying to design a high-side or "source" driver. UDN2981 or 2984 is a single chip solution for the problem. A discrete solution would use high-side PNP respectively PMOS switches and a level shifter circuit to control it by ground referenced 5V logic. E.g. a NPN transistor and a few resistors.
Hello, If someone can help with this problem. I have dc power supply that powers LED. Output is 48v when LEDs are turned on and current is 800mA. I want to measure the current so I can know if LEDs are working or not. If LEDs are broken and not working then voltage at output is 100V and current is 0. This data I (...)
Hello, We are designing a 20W SMPS which simply supplies 15V at 1A to an RF Phased array antenna circuit. (its for comms). Vin = 48v. We were wondering if it is overly extravagant to do this as an Half-Bridge LLC converter? Its just that the SMPS will be very close to the Comms signal processors and other sensitive circuitry, so we wondered sh
Hello folks! I am wondering if someone can give a comercial part of a buck converter with the next features: Vin_min = 48v. Vout= +/-12V I found some isolated power converters from Traco Power. But i need a NON isolated Sw Regulator. and I am not able to find anything which fits with that... Thanks in advance.
No way of knowing unless the topology and the operating voltage is known. Maximum frequency with out any loss at all is zero Hz.
IEEE 802.3 2012, Clause 33 is describing two alternative schemes for implementing PoE with 10/100 Mbit twisted pair connections 124046 See also: Compliant PSE has to check the load condition to avoid damaging standard non-PoE aware equipment, which may involve a co
A boost converter makes it possible to step up 12V to 24-48 VDC. You can turn a mosfet on and off, to obtain pulsed output from a DC supply. What methods have you tried so far?
Hello everybody, I?m designing a circuit (the power part in the attached file) that requires both 3.3V and 15 V supply. I?m not so expert in powers electronic so I?m asking your help. I?m using 2 Traco Power DC/DC converters (2W models: TES 2N-4813 (from 48v to 15V) and TES 2N-1210(from 15V to 3.3V)
Hi I made this power DC - DC convertor form this design, 122089 Its maxamum power output is supposed to be 50ma but it seams to be able to supply more and start to cook some of the components if you draw more !! no current limiter I assume ? So I was thinking I could add a current limiter? does anyone know a good w
I don't see a LM2576HV specification requiring a minimal load, particularly no hint that the device may be damaged without it. As far as I rmemember, I have used other "simple switcher" ICs with no load. My first guess would be that you got a faked LM2576HV which is actually standard LM2576. Another explanation is that you have a large series
Use lm317 as a constant current source for max current and add potensiometer or pwm to control brightness
I see this more and more, new users with one or two postings looking for answers. Once they are helped, they do the vanishing act.
48v is the standard low voltage for kW sized arrays, but there is nothing stop Utilites from cascading banks of arrays into larger serial, Parallel grids for MW and GW sized farms with suitable protection.