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Probably, nothing will happens, but possible your mcu will be damaged by appling 9V to pins. There is no reason to use so high voltage. and I see no capacitors for power rails. Attach whole project that we can edit it.
HI all again..... i have a very small issue regarding the circuit. circuit diagram has been attached. my only problem is that when i connect my 5v charger to charge the battery the 89s52 exit the interrupt (INT-0) automatically. why is it so. when i connect my charger where is the interrupt being triggered to make 89s52 exit. and also sometimes
Too long cables between uC and LCD, metal front panel connecting to the LCD frame ground, etc.
Hi, I am currently using AT89C2051 to measure the width of two PWM signals connected to two external interrupts (INT0 and INT1) available on pins P3.2 and P3.3 respectively. Now, I need to measure another PWM signal using external interrupt. I wanted to know whether there is some 8051 (...)
sir iam using SPO2 sensor with at89s51 microcontroller. i think i will go for ADC also. but i dont know the pin details of sensor, i mean where to give VCC and ground. what is the supply voltage and which one is the data line. for sensor details please follow the link: thank you sir.
Dear All, If I have a voltage input from a generated powered by wind mill. The power generated ranges from 0-40V I want to use this power to simply power a 3V Cree LED. It seems to me that I can create a SEPIC DC-DC circuit and a current mode DC-DC converter IC to provide constant current to the LED. Given I have an (...)
I want to interface DHT11(temp and humidity sensor). Anyone have interfaced it with 8051
Hi , I have got few digital pot ICs MAX5161 Ics for controlling the current to the dc load . (I have attached my ckt) . Resistance across the H and L increases when I operate with INC and up/down pins when I measured using multimeter , but if I connect my load no current will flow to (...)
Check this book: microcontroller projects in c for the 8051. by Dogan Ibrahim See link:
The pins in Port 1 has internal pull-ups when used for input. The Mosfet is off and the drain is pulled high using an internal pull-up resister. 91506 I connect and ammeter and see that the current (IL current) flowing to ground is about 15uA. I (...)
You need to use resistor for diode to limit current. Maybe you kill diode, replace opto triac. Check code. First check optotriac with 220V load only with 5V source without uC. Use power source of 5V and 220V for optotriac led.
hi wondering if anyone can help me out with this, ive got the lcd displaying information, but i want it to display the temperature using the lm35 and adc0804 as well, using asm code. Basically i need to get the current reading from the lm35 and convert them in the adc0804 (...)
What are you going to drive? You can use one NPN/PNP transistor if you need to only sink or source current. If you need to both sink and source current, you can use a totem-pole driver made with one NPN and one PNP transistor. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
using this principle...i want to vary the current and voltage in driver based on load..... whether it is possible??????
hi everyone i am doing one simple project like 8051 interfacing with stepper motor using the driver ic ULN2003 in this i have connected like 2 inputs (p2.1) (p2.3)and 4 outputs from(p2.13,14,15,16)..................i didnt get the output der anything in that connections or in my program plz help me to do this...............
when you use two 8051 controllers TX1==>RX2 and ground of both controllers must be connected together then only you can transfer the data,if you want transfer data over long distance using wire you have to use constant current(attenuation of cable increase if distance increases) or if you want to transmit wireless over a (...)
You should pay attention on data given in manufacturer dadasheet of particulat uC for total max current and max current per each pin. You dont need to measure, you can just make simple calculation of current, but if you not sure then you can measure with ampermeter.
have you connected any resistor in series with the input of opto coupler? and make opto led on with low level in port pin. the emitter resistor do not have any effect on the port current. if you post your present circuit , the problem can be identified.
i'm using proteus isis for the simulation,i have connected 8*8 dot matrix row to 74HC573and to mc 8051 ,but when comes to column i'm to connect column to current sinker and to shift register ? which chip we can use for current sinker (...)
Hi guys, Could anyone suggest a suitable switch for the following operation? Objective: SW1 is normally closed (N.C.) since buck #1 is the main operator. SW2 normally open (N.O.) because it is used as a backup. Both SW1 & 2 to be controlled with 8051 logic level, that is, 0V for LOW and 3.3V for HIGH. Average (...)