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I started to design microstrip band-pass filters for 5 and 10GHz, currently using book "RF Circuit Design Theory and Applications, second edition" Reinhold Ludwig, Gene Bogdanov. Also several articles from internet. I did all calculations and cross-checked them with several (...)
Hi all, I designed the low pass microstrip filter and want to simulate it on the HFSS. I want to know how can i run the simulation. Please help me. regards.
Hi all, what is in your opinion the best configuration choice to design a 20 GHz band pass filter on microstrip or stripline. Tx and bye.
The best would be to use a Network Analyzer to do the measurements. If you know the properties of the Substrate Material (Er, Thickness, Loss, etc.) you can use softwares as MWO, Eagleware, ADS, Ansoft etc, to simulate the filters and find the impedances.
Hi all, i am trying to sim a suspended ustrip Low pass filter, but i am not getting the right results. can someone please check and see what i am doing wrong. Thanks in advance Added after 11 minutes: I forget to attache the drawing of LPF.